m aster sdn 2014 sdn contest n.
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M aster SDN ~2014 SDN CONTEST~ PowerPoint Presentation
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M aster SDN ~2014 SDN CONTEST~

M aster SDN ~2014 SDN CONTEST~

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M aster SDN ~2014 SDN CONTEST~

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  2. Hosted by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, TAIWAN Committee of Communications Industry Development, MOEACo-Host by Taiwan SDN Alliance Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. Co-Organized by Information Technology Software Academy, MOE, TAIWAN MediaTek Inc. RealtekSemiconductor Corp. Sponsored by National Center for High-Performance Computing, NARLabsEstiNet Technologies Inc. Implemented by Industrial Technology Research Institute Hosts

  3. Hosts SDN Alliance Taiwan

  4. Purpose Topush Taiwan’s SDN industry forward, the MoEA’sIndustrial Development Bureau, together with the MoEA’s Committee of Communications Industry Development, Taiwan SDN Alliance and Chunghwa Telecom Data Communications Business Group, are hosting the 2014 SDN Contest. The purpose of the contest is to discover, develop, and encourage the talents in SDN innovative applications. This contest is open to all organizations and individuals worldwide interested in developing SDN applications.

  5. Submission Requirements  The scenario in the submission must be complied with the SDN architecture.  The entrants must choose an application to implement and demonstrate the scenario.  The entrants may use existing open-source( i.e. OpenFlow, OpenStack) or design private interfaces for data communications between application-control and control-forwarding layers.  The finalists must demonstrate their solutions or applications on site.

  6. Judging Criteria • Innovation and Uniqueness • Is it an SDNinnovative application or concept? Or is it a new SDN approach to a traditional network problem? • Technology • Is there strong technical foundation? • Advancement • Is it a better way to do something more efficiently/effectively compared to the legacy technology? • Completeness • Business value • is the solution feasible to be turned into a business solution in the future? • Presentation skills

  7. Schedule • Submission From May 15th to September 17th • Preliminary October 1st * Ten entries will be shortlisted and announced • Championship October 22nd* Finalists will do presentation and on-site demo to the judges Award Early in December * *The schedule is subject to change

  8. Eligibility Requirements • Participants could be an individual or a team consisting of no more than 5 people. • Talents from the academy or industry are all invited. • The submission must not be a commercial product sold in the market. • Each team may have advisors, no more than 2 people. • Advisors are not allowed to participate in presentation and on-site demo. • The entrant is not allowed to be other team’s advisor. • The advisor’s name and any symbols which represent or imply the participant’s school or company are not allowed to be shown in any submitted documents or video.

  9. Prize First Place :NT$150,000 Second Place :NT$100,000 Third Place :NT$50,000 Best Student Award :NT$30,000 Honorable Mention :NT$10,000

  10. Official Website Contact us at