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Media Main Task . PowerPoint Presentation
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Media Main Task .

Media Main Task .

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Media Main Task .

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  1. Media Main Task. By Scott Taylor

  2. Its sub title tells the reader that its ‘The World’s biggest dance music and clubbing magazine’ if the reader is looking for a magazine for this genre of music then this would be a great way for mixmag to sell their magazine because it’s basically saying I’m the best magazine for this genre so don’t bother looking at any other magazines. Free CD – readers are rewarded for buying this magazine with a free CD. Mixmag – in white contrasts with the purple background, making it stand out. Also stands out from rest of subtitles. Subtitle is a different style and font size to the information under it, used to make the artists name stand out . Disco inferno - different colour to other subtitles and same colour as subheading (the world’s biggest dance music magazine) could show that it’s the biggest music magazine because of this article. Upcoming dance music star and interview telling the reader how she got to where she is, another selling point for this particular issue. Tunes overload – offering the reader more music and reviews , this would be a factor which would make people buy this magazine From this magazine cover I get the impression that the genre is dance music but also slightly hip hop as they are featuring Gnarls Barkley (a hip hop artist) but overall mostly a dance music magazine Jammed packed with information about what's in the magazine, not much space left over.

  3. Vibe seems to jam pack there front cover and magazine with lots of current artists Vibe quite a urban magazine compared to other magazines such as mojo and Q its genre is rap/hip hop and dub step. Making there magazine appeal to more then one age group, again another selling point of this magazine. Red and black used for headings and subtitles and red and black used in title which gives off a really nice effect with the plain white background, Eminem is also in black so he fits in with the red and black theme of the magazine Eminem is the only picture which represents this issue is all about him, this is a good idea as Eminem has a massive fan base and they would all buy this. Shows other big rap stars are featured as well as Eminem The language they use never really addresses the reader its all based on the content in the magazine. An article which alone would make people want to buy this magazine as they want to know who the best rapper is.

  4. As well as going with the title the planet could also suggest to readers that rave is slowly being more popular all over the planet this is shown by the planet being behind the text A strange font used here its very spacey between letters, this and the world behind it are the main eye catching thing on the first page Mixmag Double Page Spread Even though there is much more going on in this page the big yellow face attracts your eye it seems almost random to put this in and especially in the middle of the page I think it is telling the reader to have go and have a good time when raving but remember to think about the environment as the yellow faces eyes are the recycling sign. Introduction to the article The pictures aren’t very big but they all have a bright in them such as a red, green and yellow which contrasts with the black background this makes up for the size of the picture Not much text used, article focuses more on showing the read r what a rave is through pictures of a rave actually happening.

  5. Vibe Double Page Spread I actually don’t think this is a very good double spread page it gives off a very old fashioned feel and the artist it is about is fairly current and a hip hop artist. The page is actually quite boring as there's only one image in colour. Lots of small images of the artist which I think have been used to fill up space Only picture in colour also the biggest one again making it stand out from the rest of the stuff on this page This bit of text highlights the artists name in a light blue colour making the it stand out also in the top left hand corner now is in the same colour which could give the message that this artist is the best there is now for the type of music they produce. I actually like how they have taken a quote out of the article which they think if someone just skimming through it would see would want to read it This could also be used to tell the reader who this article is about as there is no title

  6. I think they have linked the picture and the question together by having the 3 members of the band faded and the one which the question is about in normal which gives the question purpose and also the decision to make him stand out makes sense. We also know that the question is about him as they have put ‘will he’ in gold which is the same colour clothing as the one that stands out. Mixmag Double page spread Having the arrows the same colour as the guy standing out from the rest of the band shows this article is about him more then the band Addresses the audience, its also a question that would make the reader want to read on to know the answer Text highlighted in black used to make it stand out from the text its next to even though it’s the same font. Having a paragraph which tells you the basis of what the article is about and making you want to read on is a really clever thing to include There is blank spaces on this page but it doesn’t look stupid or unfinished Addresses the reader with a rhetorical question.

  7. There is one picture which I think suits the style of the magazine, which is quite a laid back approach. The picture may also represent what's in the article (family, background) Vibe double page spread This article seems to focus more on the information side then editing and pictures Quite a shocking statement used to make the audience want to read more about this, plain font (easy to read) and the red gives more effect to the statement as it say who’s gonna die? (red can give the impression of blood Key dates highlighted, shows readers this was an important time in his life. All the double page is full of small black text, with a quote from Mavado to fill space next to picture

  8. Contents is a bold normal font which tells you that this is the title/ main heading of the page and features font is bigger then the text under it and also in a fancy/posh font. This is actually quite unusual but you could argue its unique and goes with the picture of the man with the chain which has a head on it as there both quite strange but different to other magazine content pages All text about the magazine such as features are all to one side which has its positives which are there is now more room for pictures and it actually looks good all to one side and the negatives being they may not of included enough information. Only one picture used, if the magazine was just about this artist then it would be a good idea as its about more then one hip hop artist then it’s a bad idea to use just one picture of a artist. I would of perhaps just have page effects or just all the background red colour. This contents page hasn’t got much space left on it which I think is a good thing as you want a contents page to be jam packed with things and information but I feel this one doesn’t provide us with enough information as other contents pages it only has 6 little paragraphs telling you about the main things in there magazine where as others would have more paragraphs and pictures. Vibe Contents Page

  9. Picture could be so big to represent that page 66 is there main article/ attraction to buy this magazine More then one colour used with the text which makes it look more interesting then just one colour all over. Picture from the magazine, page number in the bottom right corner in a unusual font and larger then any other page number on the contents page they have done this so you still notice the page number on the big picture so you can then go to the article or whatever to see what the picture is all about. Gives headings to the paragraphs on its contents page which would make it easier to find what your looking for. Not much space left over this mainly because of the three pictures but also there is a lot of text to the left hand side. Mixmag Contents Page

  10. Target Audience I have chosen Hip Hop/Urban to be the genre of my music magazine, I have chosen this as I feel there’s not many purely hip hop magazines in the market today I also feel that hip hop is still listened to by all ages ,genders and races where as other music genres are not listened by many girls etc. My magazine will be to ages 16 – 25. The main purpose of my music magazine will be to inform as well as entertain as I chose these as I want to inform people who are not familiar with hip hop music and help this genre keep growing and to carry on becoming popular with more and more people. I also chose to entertain as I want the people who enjoy and are interested in hip hop to feel this magazine is for them as well I feel that to inspire is also an important purpose to have as there are lots of young people who want to be like some of the big names in hip hop but may lack that inspiration which my magazine could give them by interviewing hip hop artist’s about how they got to where they are now.

  11. Style of double page spread My magazine is hip hop/urban so I will chose to have a black or white background with the title being a primary colour (red, blue and yellow ) which will contrast with the background making the title of my magazine stand out, this is also a convention used in other hip hop magazine’s. I will use one big picture which will be edited to make look better with photoshop by adding effects etc, this picture will be quite central with information about what’s in the magazine down the sides of the magazine to fill up the space. Information will include 50 best hip hop songs in 2010, and free CD (things which would attract people to buy this magazine). I want to keep my magazine simple but looks good on the eye, the survey which I will give out to people in the age category will also help make my decisions on fonts and colours used.

  12. Flat Plan – Front Cover title Big picture Of artist Small sentence from interview Other artist in magazine Top 50 urban/ hip hop artists Artists name

  13. Flat plan- Double Page Spread Big Picture of artist Start of article Quote to do with this article Picture of mic on its own

  14. Contents Page Contents Magazine details Big Picture Smaller picture

  15. Hudzup double page article draft • Scott Smith aka Double S first burst onto the music scene when he was just 16 years of age, with the goal of becoming one of the world’s most known and respected music artist's, other artists say he has already achieved this but Scott thinks differently.(intro) ‘I don’t think you can ever think that you have made it in the music industry, if you do then you become complacent and start producing music which the fans are not interested in and you get this feeling of regret and failure which I never want to experience.’ For Double S its all about the fans, where as certain music stars produce songs which is for the fame and money having this approach has earned him over thousands of followers all over the world and having two number ones in the uk from his two major singles which sold over 60,000 pounds in its first week of being released. • ‘When I first started making music I would just post it on YouTube and get around 1,000 hits which of course I was thrilled with I never thought it would get me any where but about a year after posting my first video I got contacted via YouTube by a man called Steve Batley, Steve had helped stars such as chipmunk and Katy B get to where they are today, so I rang the number he gave me and he told me about a gig down in London he wanted me to perform at. Nothing would of stopped me from being at that gig as it was a chance for me to make a name for myself and maybe even kick start my music career. • Talk us through the feelings that you were going through moments before you went on stage for the first time: ‘I was actually really nervous I had never did anything like this before, I would always get asked to play a part in school plays etc but I would always be to nervous’ laughed scott ’but I got myself really pumped up and just went out there and did my best the crowd were actually really into the song I performed and the whole performance was a success. I even got asked for my autograph a few times after the gig had finished’.

  16. Continued article • I’m sure its an amazing feeling when your first gig goes down well but for some its not always a success what advice would you give to those who’s first gig wasn’t a hit with the crowd? • ‘Just to picked your self up and keep going, you don’t get anywhere in this business by giving up when something doesn’t go your way, yes my first gig did go down well and it did give me the confidence to perform well at my next gig but even if my first gig was a total fail then I wouldn’t of just gave up and persuaded another career. If you want something bad enough then you’ll fight for it. • In March 2010 when Double S was 20 he made a single with the also growing popular Katy B which made number one in the charts and was the most downloaded song and brought song in 2010 for two up and coming artists to get that number one over other artists such as Take That, Taio Cruz and Rihanna is a massive achievement and something Double S will never forget. ‘ I was actually out on a run when I got a call from Steve (who also contacted Katy B to make this single happen) and he just told me he’s got good news and bad news, I asked for the bad news first and I remember him saying your gonna have to now work extra hard and produce an even better song then your current one as its just reacted number one in the charts! Which of course was the good news. • So what was the first thing you did once you heard the news? • Well when finishing off my run I phoned my mum up to tell her and she was ecstatic really happy for me and she then told the rest of the family who in turn came on the phone to tell me how pleased they were for me. Around ten minutes after this I got a phone call from Katy who basically said that she had really enjoyed working with me and the single deserves to be number one. • Your family do they have anything to do with the music industry as in used to be a artist or anything like that? • Well my dads a music teacher if that counts? And my mum has worked her whole life cooking meals in a local primary school so I guess I get my musical roots from my father’s side.

  17. Continued article • If it wasn’t for my mum and dad I would of never got to where I am now they always brought me what I needed and they really played a big part in helping me reach my goal in life, so the first thing I did when I started making quite a lot of money was to buy them a new house. • To this day Double S is one of the hottest young prospects to take the music industry by storm, with his music appealing to everyone not just urban music fans.’ I'm really pleased how well my music has been going down with my fans and I just hope that my success carries on un till I decided to retire’.

  18. Evaluation I tried to make my music magazine front cover look official by employing techniques such as adding a website, price and issue number which are always included on a professional magazine like vibe and mixmag. Professional magazines also have a free gift come with it I didn’t include a free gift with mine I instead used a competition where the winner would win a prize actually worth winning like an iPhone. Vibe and Mixmag both used a lot of conventions which would engage the reader such as headings and Quotes from the magazine.

  19. A slogan which makes my magazine unique Big title so it stands out Another convention to make the reader buy the magazine A range of artist which gives my magazine more chance of being brought by more people A title and quote to engage the reader Again advertising more of what’s in my magazine

  20. Evaluation I took a lot of time in making sure that my double page all fitted together and there was minimal space left which is a big aspect in making my product look like a real media product. I used a smoke effect on my image to make the image look more unique and emphasize the person in the image. Real media products use little details such as page numbers and the date which people just expect to be there so it was important I added these as well as extra conventions such as a little red arrow after my article to show that there’s more on the next page which is useful if someone picks up the magazine in the shop and flicks through it.

  21. The effect goes with the quote as the quote could imply that the artist is super human and the effect makes him seem this way. Quote the from the article which makes the reader want to read on The title doesn’t look out of place the font suits the style of this page.

  22. Evaluation • On vibe and mixmag contents page they only had one or two picture and the main focus was more on the text which told the reader what page the main attractions were on so I made sure that my text was big and easy to read and that the two pictures I used didn’t take the focus of the text I used black boxes around the page numbers to make them stand out more. Mixmag and Vibe also added text under there headings to tell the reader more about the heading and what's on the page they were both detailed in what they wrote but I decided to write a small sentence which told the reader briefly what the page was about but so they would still actually need to go to the page to find out everything about it.

  23. Evaluation • My media product's target audience is teenagers and early 20’s it is more aimed at the male gender as it does appeal more to them with the dark colours and fonts used but there’s nothing stopping female’s from buying it if there into hip hop/urban music. I never really intended on my music magazine to appeal more to male’s but I wanted to represent the music genre correctly and the genre is hip hop and urban so dark colours such as black and serious colours like red, yellow and blue if I used pink then it would gave the impression that the magazine is girly but the genre is very dark/ underground which is why these colours were used.

  24. Evaluation • I would sell my music magazine in big shops such as HMV and WH Smith where other big name magazine are sold, I would choose to do this as it shows buyers that my magazine is good/popular enough to be sold alongside big name magazines. Many news agents also sell music magazines but I wouldn’t choose to have mine sold there as the audience for my product is mainly teenagers and I think if they were looking for a music magazine then the first place they would look would be a big name store. Having a target audience of teenager’s means that I have to use modern topics and interview singers which there interested in or else it wouldn’t appeal to them. The reason teenagers and early 20’s are my target audience is because of the genre of music, urban/hip hop has a massive fan base from that age group as it’s the style of music which teenagers are most interested in today.

  25. Evaluation • To edit my music magazine I used Photoshop which I had used before but only new the basics such as rubbing out and cutting images out of pictures I used these to edit certain parts of my magazine (ADD EXAMPLE) but I began trying out different tools and found out better ways to do certain things like cutting out images or cutting around an image, these new skills resulted in a better outcome so I would went back and did the technique/skill on the first images I edited. I had heard of layers and how there important in Photoshop but I had never used them before so I decided to use when making my music magazine to help keep on track of everything I had done. • To attract my audience to my magazine I used colours and fonts, which I think make my magazine seem mature which is what teenagers want from a magazine instead of a kids magazine where all the colours used are bright and there’s free gifts to be won

  26. Evaluation • My preliminary task pictures were all from the same angles and there was minimum editing used on them and the magazine in general as I didn’t really know how to use fireworks fully but I decided to use photoshop for the full product this meant I had to learn how to use it again. I also used other music magazines such as vibe and mixmag as a guide where as for my preliminary task I never did this which is why some of the conventions didn’t look as good as on my full product.