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Media Main Task

Media Main Task

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Media Main Task

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  1. Media Main Task By Connor Preston

  2. Analysis of Mixmag Sub-title of the Magazine Yellow font to make the customer notice that it is the biggest dance magazine, so if they like this genre of music then this would be the magazine they are looking for. Title of the Magazine White title makes customers notice the magazine and is also a unique selling point Unique selling points Telling people where to go clubbing Main Subject of the Magazine. Pink and Yellow 3d writing standing out on the light blue background Questions Makes the reader want to read more about the magazine because of what is contained inside of it Questions To make the customer want to find out more inside the Magazine Big Picture is the Main Subject, the audience automatically no that it is a music magazine Free Gift to the Customer when they buy the Magazine Extras in the magazine which will be featuring other stars

  3. Issue Number to show the customers which Monthly Magazine it is. Analysis of Mixmag Shows the title of the magazine and it is recognisable to customers so that they will read on. This states that it is the contents of the magazine. This is the main picture of the contents page and the main article inside of the magazine. There is also the big text which states the page number the article is on. This is one of the main attractions inside of the magazine, the picture shows to the customer what is going to be on that page. A list of the things featured inside of the magazine and a little sentence about the page. It also stands out because of the black background and the white text. This tells the customer about the free CD they receive when they buy the magazine, it also shows them a picture of what it should look like.

  4. Analysis of Kerrang! Unique Selling Point The 8 page pull-out is to attract customers to buy their magazine and also have a picture to show you what the pull-out looks like. Unique Selling Point Persuades the customer to look at the different gigs so they can see what their favourite bands in action. Title of the Magazine White font colour which makes the customer notice the magazine and then the cracking effect. Main Subjectof the Magazine Shows what the customer will be reading when the buy the magazine and what they have been up to. Main Subject of the Magazine Big Picture to show that his band will be featuring in the magazine. Customers will want to find out more about the band and what happened at the gig for them to storm it. Features in the Magazine A movie star joining a band so customers will want to read on and find out why. Competitions The audience would be interested in the prize so for them to win the prize they have to buy the magazine. Reviews in the Magazine Customers will be attracted to find out which are the best reviewed albums by THE K! Extra’s inside the Magazine To show to customers that there is more in the magazine that appeals to that target audience.

  5. Analysis of Kerrang! This is a picture of a recent magazine and a celebrity has wrote and paragraph for this week. This is shown by the autograph they have done at the bottom of the paragraph. The title stands out to the customer because it has a black background with gold text. A quote from a celebrity telling them a little bit about them. In the bold text it shows who the star is and what band he is from. This is the main article inside of the magazine because it is the biggest picture and the one that stands out the most. This shows to the customer what is in the weekly magazine and they are shown under sub-headings, which are noticed by the different coloured text. The subscription that customers can buy so that they get there magazine delivered to their house. This is very noticeable and the customer cannot miss it because of the background is red which contrasts with all the colours on the page. There are different pictures of the different articles inside of the magazine, on what page and a little bit about them.

  6. Kerrang Double Page Spread • Kerrang’s Double Page Spread has seven pictures to attract the customers and they then read on to see why they are in the magazine. The main picture in the middle of the double page, shows the lead singer of a band and will make the customers read about what is going on. In the bottom left corner of the page, there is an interview with one of the band members and it shows a picture of the member. Above the interview there is also a paragraphs which someone has wrote about them or for them, this will attract the customer by making them read about the stars and to see why they are on a double page spread. The pictures on the double page spread are very eye catching and attractive, but the writing is the opposite which is black plain text on a white background and for the interview the other way around.

  7. Kerrang Double Page Spread • Kerrang’s double page spread has a couple of pictures but they are different sizes. The main picture is a band which covers the whole of one page and on the other page there is the little picture which is one of the bands albums. On the opposite side of the big picture the background colour is orange and will stand out to all customers. There is also a rating system which the magazine has created and the bands rating is 3K’s and it is out of 5. The article all on the left hand side of the page and the text is black so it contrast with the orange background. The band top 3 songs, albums and the year they were released are also shown on the double page spread which are shown very clearly at the bottom.

  8. Mixmag Double Page Spread • Mixmag’s double page spread has only one picture on the page and this draws the customer in because they will want to know what has happen to the group. The way that the picture has been edited, the lead man of the Black Eyed Peas, seems to be the only member which is staying in focus, but the other three are fading into the background. With the text mainly on the right side of the page, seems to suggest an interview between him and the magazine, because at the start of every paragraph there is a question. Also the main title has word play involved, “Will he, Wont he?” and the article is about Will, and about if he will stay with the group or try it solo. The colours of the page are very plain and original, with the members of the group wearing gold, they have also put the title with similar colours.

  9. Mixmag Double Page Spread • There are lots of pictures on the mixmag double page spread. The main and most attracting picture is the big smiley face in the middle of the right side page. It is more attracting because of the colour contrasts a lot with the background which is black. The rest of the pictures are in a club but they are different colours so they look like different clubs and events. The title stands out the most to all the text because of the colour and the font size, it is also over the planet. On the right hand side of the page has all of the article which is in white to make it stand out on the black background, this also applies to the slogan on the left hand side of the page and the font size is bigger because of the attraction to the magazine.

  10. Genre and Age • The Genre of the Magazine I have chosen to do is Dance/Electronica. This is because I listen to a lot of this music and I know what magazines like these are all about. • The Target Audience Age is 15 – 20 year olds. I have chosen this age range because of the amount of people that listen to this type of music and I can relate to this age.

  11. Style of Double Page Spread • The style of my double page spread will be very busy and a lot to look at because it is dance/electronica music magazine. There will be one big picture in the on the page which will attract the customer to view why a celebrity is in the magazine. Also there will be an interview between the magazine and the star which will ask him questions about his career so far and will he be doing any singles lately. The colours of the page will be attractive and bright but not too much to put the customer off the magazine.

  12. Flat Planning Front Cover Contents Title Contents Title Monthly Issue Slogan and Issue Number Events Happening in the Magazine and the Page Numbers Picture 1 Free Gift Picture 2 Picture Picture 3 Extra’s in the Magazine Picture 4 Fact

  13. Flat Planning Double Page Spread Tour Dates Picture of the DJ / Main Star at a Big Event Interview with DJ Quote from the DJ / Main Star Article Pg Number

  14. Article on Double Page Spread • DJ Chrome made his music debut as a Major Club DJ at 19 years of age. While he was playing other artists music to his fans at “Ministry of Sound” he was creating his own album secretly and was finally completed after a year of being the biggest and best DJ in the UK. DJ Chrome’s album has now been released called “Rise To It!” This has took the music industry by surprise and 3 of his singles he has created, are in the UK’s Top 10 Singles of the Month. • Connor Preston “AKA” DJ Chrome was interviewed by NightShift to get the inside scoop on the Dance industry and how his life has changed since becoming an International Superstar for music and his fashion. • The Midlands Youngster is one of the biggest hit with the fans of all time and with only him being in the business for a year, surprisingly he has released tour dates and many of the venues being sold out in the first few days. • Quote: “ Just to Show the World that I am More than a DJ!”

  15. Interviews with DJ Chrome • How has your life changed since you have become a music hit?“My life has changed massively since I released my album. I can’t even go to the supermarket anymore because of the amount of publicity I get. It is so surprising that I used to watch TV and see all of the famous artists but I never thought I would reach the same stage as these, where I can’t leave my house without my fans screaming my name.” • When was the last time you went to a nightclub club and didn’t DJ there?“I think the last time I went to a night club with my mates was last year and I loved it, but not as much as working the decks up on stage pleasing hundreds of people in the club. Some of my mates still come to my gigs at the big clubs after the mental year I have had after becoming a huge artist. But all this fame and money hasn't got to my head and i still meet them after my gigs at bars and have a drink to catch up to see what's going on.”

  16. Continued Interview • Was it your idea to start up a clothing line and sell you style to the world?“I wish it was but a producer came up to me one day while I was recording and he asked me where I got the idea of putting these sorts of clothes together. So I told him that I had come up with it myself and he mentioned to me and my agent that I should promote this style to the world. Then after my agent made a few phone calls to a couple of companies which may want to buy my range of clothing, and it all blossomed from there, this means the Chrome clothing range will be out sometime next year.” • With the career you have at the moment, would you see yourself doing anything else in the future?“I really hope not because I love this job and love pleasing all of my fans out there. If I get too old to stand up on stage to perform and then only will I stop. But if the opportunity does arise, then I would love to try to act in a film or even appear in one episode of a well known programme, just to show the world that I am more than a DJ.”

  17. Evaluation • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? I have used lots of different conventions throughout my magazine, on all of the 3 products which i have created. The front page i have used the price tag on here because it is the first piece of information that the audience looks for so that they can buy the product. I have made it clear near the barcode, where most of the prices are on the bigger magazines. The barcode is really obvious on the front page so it is easy for the salesperson to scan the magazine. There is also the big title which i have applied to my work which will attract the customers to buy it just because of the name. I used the front page of MIXMAG magazine for my inspiration to create my own front page so the big picture which is used on mine is similar to MIXMAG’s because of the effect which this gives the magazine a big attraction for the audience to buy it and what the main story is going to be about. On other music magazines such as Kerrang, there are a lot of littler stories which are on the side of the front page which will also attract the customers to look at what's going on in the music industry.

  18. On the contents page I have created my own layout which involves two pictures of the latest artists that I have created myself. One picture is bigger than the other because of the type of picture I have took and how I wanted the layout of the contents to go. The title saying “contents” is the same font as the title on the front page, I have done this so there is a connection between the two pages. There is also the usual style of the contents which is the pages numbers and the description of what is on the pages, this is also split into sections for the customers to recognise the pages they want as soon as they open it. Also on the picture I have created a photographer for the pictures because magazines such as MIXMAG do this to show who has took the photographers. I have also put captions on the pictures to show to the customers who they are and what they are doing. The date which is included is important as well so they customer knows which issue it is in the collection. A professional magazine (left) and my magazine (right)

  19. The double page spread has the conventions which I have picked up in many magazines such as Kerrang and Mixmag. I have used my picture which I have took as the background to show to the customer what the article is all about and who its about, the big title shows this as well. The quote from his article I have also picked out because of the meaning this has to the character and shows what he wants to show what he is and what he wants the public to see. It is also in a different colour to everything else and bigger so that it attracts the attention of the reader which makes them read on because of the determination of the character. There is also the article on the right side of the page, so when the magazine is shut the customer can still see the picture and the text clearly. I have also entered tour dates for DJ Chrome that will show where the customer can see the artist live and this stands out by me using the orange coloured font.

  20. How does your media product represent particular social groups? • Who would be the audience for your media product and why? • I have aimed my magazine at the older teenagers and the younger 20’s. This is because that the kind of music which is presented in nightclubs, that I have advertised in the magazine. Younger people might be interested in the magazine but they wont have heard the music in nightclubs like the older 18’s who can enter the clubs. The older generation wont be too interested in the kind of music as well because not many of them will be able to dance about like the younger people. • What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? • My magazine would be distributed on websites such as its own. It can be also bought by customers at big magazine selling stores such as HMV, WHSmith and many newsagents. I have chosen these places is because it is where the customers look for these type of magazines and will also purchase many of them from. • How did you attract/address your audience? • I have attracted my audience by selling the magazines in big stores and by advertising the website on the front cover of the magazine as well.

  21. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? • Throughout the course I have used many computer software’s and technology to complete this project. The software involves, Macromedia Photoshop which I created my magazine on. There is also Microsoft PowerPoint that I used to create the whole project for which involves my evaluation. I have also used Microsoft Word to complete the survey which has helped me create the magazine. I have used a range of technology in this project such as the computer I have used to create the front cover, contents page and the double page spread. I have also used the internet to download certain fonts to my pages. To take the pictures I used my camera to take them and I used 1 in my front cover, 2 in my contents page and 1 in my double page spread, i learnt the different angles which created different effects on the 3 pages.

  22. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? • Since I have created my preliminary task I have improved massively on many of my skills. These are such as using Macromedia Photoshop which I had never used before. I used Macromedia Fireworks for my preliminary task to complete it but then i learnt how to use Photoshop and the quality of my work has heavily improved.