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Main Task

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Main Task

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  1. 8B Unit 2 8B Unit 2 Main Task Main Task ----Meiliang Middle School Fanli2011.3.16

  2. Discussion

  3. a famous theme park move at high speed through the whole ride can’t stop taking photos a parade of Disney characters sing and dance all the way watch a three-D film buy some souvenirs watch fireworks a really exciting trip

  4. Kitty plans to write about her trip to Hong Kong for her project.

  5. Para.1 The day of our trip to Hong Kong finally arrived. My parents and I were very excited about this special trip because we all wanted to visit ___________ and take photos with the cute cartoon characters there. It took us about three and a half hours to fly there. The weather in Hong Kong was quite ________ from that in Beijing. It was warm and __________. Disneyland different pleasant

  6. Para.2 The next day, we went to the most famous ___________ in the world –Hong Kong Disneyland. It was really interesting. I loved watching the ________, and it was ________ to go on Space Mountain. We had a great time in the park the whole day. theme park parade exciting

  7. Para.3 On the third day, we went to another famous theme park in Hong Kong---- __________. We saw the dolphin show and the bird show there. In the evening, we went to Victoria Peak. It was really _________ to have a bird’s eye view of Hong Kong —a modern city of tall buildings with lights shining in the evening. Ocean Park wonderful 鸟瞰

  8. Para.4 On the fourth day, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui, the cultural centre of Hong Kong and visited some museums there. Then we went __________ because Hong Kong is a good place to buy things. My mother enjoyed that day most, and she bought a lot of clothes and some presents for her friends. Then we took __________ to Kowloon. We had great fun at the _________ in Kowloon. shopping Star Ferry beach cultural 文化的 adj.

  9. Para.5 The food in Hong Kong was very nice. We went to a seafood restaurant on the fifth day. I loved the desserts and _______. They were ________. snacks delicious seafood 海鲜 n. dessert 甜点 n.

  10. Para.6 We enjoyed our trip to Hong Kong very much ,and I hope I can ______ there again some day. visit

  11. Kitty wrote the article mainly in the order of time. 时间顺序 Place Time People (Arrived in) Hong Kong Places of interest Experience Activities Eating Hong Kong Disneyland Ocean Park, Victoria Peak Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon A seafood restaurant Feelings Para6.

  12. Writing (about 80 words) My best holiday (A trip to Wuxi)

  13. Wuxi Place:__________________ Last weekend Time:__________________ Para1 Miss Fan,my classmates and I People:_________________ Places of interest:______ __________________ Tai Lake Lingshan Buddha Para2 Experience shopping A fact file Activities:____________ ____________________ buy some souvenirs Eating:______________ fruit,seafood,desserts tired,happy,excited… Para3 Feelings:________________

  14. Sample ______ Miss Fan,my classmates and I went to Wuxi by coach last weekend. We stayed there for two days. On the first day, we watched the view of the famous Tai Lake. We visited Lingshan Buddha. We took many photos there. On the second day, we went shopping and bought some souvenirs. On the third day,we ate the seafood,fruit and desserts in a seafood restaurant. We enjoyed ourselves. We were tired and excited.We’ll never forget this meaningful experience.

  15. Conclusion • 1. Remember to state clearly the place and time of your trip, and the people who went with you. • 2. Organize your ideas before you write. • 3. Think of something interesting and special to write about. • 4. Use adjectives and adverbs to make your article more interesting. • 5. Write about your feelings in the last paragraph.

  16. (1)Remember the fact file and read the passage. (2) Write an article about your wonderful trip.