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British Airways

British Airways. By Fezhan. Boeing 777. Airbus A3380. Boeing 747. Pilot and Co Pilot. Jobs On Board An Airliner. Air Cabin Crews. Skills Required to Work On A Airliner.

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British Airways

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  1. British Airways By Fezhan

  2. Boeing 777 Airbus A3380 Boeing 747

  3. Pilot and Co Pilot Jobs On Board An Airliner Air Cabin Crews

  4. Skills Required to Work On A Airliner • Multi tasking stay calm under pressure able to listen to listen to very unclear radio transmissions able to work in a team quick reactions you have to be willing to follow ALL rules if you want to be commercial pilot, you must be a pleasant person to work with. • Grades: Minimum Of 5 GCSE’S And 2 A Levels

  5. What Do Cabin Crew Do On a flight to new york do on British Airways? 1,They Greet And Meet At The Doors, 2,Show Passengers To There Seats 3,Ensure Passengers Have Stowed Away There Hand Luggage in the seat in front or over head lockers. 4,Prep Galley Passengers Boarding Plane Also Being Welcomed By Cabin crew Members

  6. Brace Position • To assume a brace or crash position is an instruction that can be given to prepare for a crash, such as on an aircraft; the instruction to brace for impact is often given if the aircraft must make an emergency landing over land or water. When The Pilot Will Make You Do The Brace Position Bird Strike (When The Birds Hit The Aircraft) Engines Fail (In The Middle Of The Sky When Engines Fail) Undercarriage Does Not Come Out (When The Plane Is Landing And Undercarriage Doesn’t Come Out.

  7. Other Emergencies On Flights • Heath Emergency • Pilot Or Anyone Loses Conciseness • Heart Attack/Stroke • Asthma Attack • Deadly Emergency. • Plane Problems • Engine Stops Working • Undercarriage Doesn’t Come Out When Plane Lands • Fuel Runs Out • Fuel Leakage • Fire Uncontrolled Fire • Landing On Sea • Terrorist Attack

  8. British Airways Safety Card

  9. Cabin crew meet & greet • Employability Skills Required: • Clear Verbal Communication • Positive Body Language • Good Eye Contact • Listening Skills • Examples • Making emergency briefing announcement for passengers. • Listen Too Any issues the passengers may have and making decisions about them. • Being reassuring, relaxed, And Confident when greeting the passengers . • Being Assertive when dealing with disruptive passengers. • Smart professional appearance to give passengers confidence in the airline.

  10. Build AN Airline • Communication = Discussion about the name of the all new airline. • We decided on the name Luxury Travels Because We Wanted To Tell Our Target Market Higher Class And Business Class People. We Are Trying To Say That You Will Have a comfortable and relaxing time. • We Had To choose from 3 names Luxury Travels, Cheap Fly's, Euro Airlines We Chose Luxury Travels because that was our target market.

  11. Business

  12. Here Is A Picture Of Me And My Group Listening . • On Tuesday 19TH November 2013, We had a visitor from Birmingham Airport. His name was Andy Holding. We also had a visit from the Government Skills Minister. Here Is A Picture Of Andy Talking Too Us.

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