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Chapter 2 School Newspaper PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter 2 School Newspaper

Chapter 2 School Newspaper

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Chapter 2 School Newspaper

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  1. Chapter 2SchoolNewspaper

  2. Warm-up Where can we often get news from? Can you name some English newspapers? Can you tell any sections in newspaper?

  3. Some sections we can find in newspaper: Sports 体育 World news 国际新闻 Local news / National news 当地新闻/ 国内新闻 Culture / Education 文化 / 教育 Business/Markets/ Finance 商业 / 市场/ 财经 Letters 信件 Entertainment 娱乐 Weather report 天气预报

  4. Which sections do they come from? Match them with the following sections. 1 Local news 2 World news 3 People 4 Sports

  5. B Look and think Look at the title, the introduction and the picture. Then say whether you agree (A) or disagree (D) 1 The report is probably about a school newspaper. 2 The students in the pictures are having a meeting. 3 The students’ hands are up because they want to ask a question. A A D

  6. Skimming: Read the introduction (摘要)and Paragraph 1 and find the information. Soon after the term started At Mayfield School Pansy, Tony, Joyce, Millie and Arthur They held a meeting to talk about publishing a newspaper.

  7. While-reading

  8. Read Para 1-7, and then answer the questions. 1. Why did they hold a meeting? Some students wanted to publish a newspaper 2. What did they do first? First, they elected the chief editor. 3. Why did they choose Joyce to be the chief editor? Because Joyce has experience. She was the editor of her class newspaper last year. 4. Who will be responsible for different sections of the paper? Pansy, Tony and Millie.

  9. Read Para 11-15, and then answer the questions. 5.Did they decide the newspaper’s name at last? Why? No. Because they had different ideas. 6. When would they have the next meeting? They would have the next meeting in one week’s time.

  10. chief editor. secretary notes an editor Which jobs did they get? an editor

  11. Ss finish Exercise D on P 18-19 1e, 2d, 3c, 4a, 5f, 6b D1: D2: D3: 1. takes charge of 2. experience …over 4.consider 5. pay for 1. ….. the chief editor ….. 2. concluding 3. publish 4. a secrectary

  12. Summary:小结 Fill in the blanks with proper words Five students __________ a meeting after school. They were Joyce, Arthur, Pansy,Tony and Millie.They _____Joyce to be the ______ ____and Arthur to be the_________. Pansy, Tony and Millie were the _______of the paper. They discussed many things at the meeting, but they couldn’t _______ the name of the paper because they all had ___________ ideas. At last, they agreed to _________the next meeting in ____ ____ _____. held / had elected chief editor secretary editors decide different hold/have one week’s time

  13. 1.开会 2.放学 3.决定做某事 4.建议做某事 5.主管,负责 6.征求意见 7.作记录 8.讨论 9.列表 10.免费 11.应该做某事 12.一周后 hold a meeting after school decide to do sth =make a decision to do sth suggest doing sth take charge of=be responsible for ask for suggestions take notes talk over=discuss make a list of be free to sb ought to do sth=should do sth in one week’s time

  14. 1. Weheld a meetingafter school. • 2. Millie and I were at the meeting. • 3. Joyce took charge of the meeting. • She asked for suggestions. • 5. Talk it over among yourselves. 放学后我们开了一个会。 Millie和我参加了会议。 Joyce主持了会议。 她征求建议。 你们自己讨论。

  15. 我们将其他需要讨论的事情列了个清单。 6. Wemade a list ofsome otherthings to discuss. 7. How often should we publish the paper? 8.Should itbe free toreaders or should they pay for it? 9. We should think about it a bit longer. 10. Wearranged tohave the next meeting in one week’s time. 我们应该多久出版一期报纸? 这报纸应该免费发放给读者还是应该收费? 我们需要再考虑一下。 我们安排一周后开下一次会议。

  16. 1.We decided to vote for the chief editor. We made a decision to vote for the chief editor. We made up our minds to vote for the chief editor. 2.Joyce tookchargeof the meeting. Joyce was responsible for the meeting. 3.They talked it over yesterday. They discussed it yesterday. 4.The newspaper isfree. The newspaper costs nothing. 5.They concluded the meeting at 6 p.m. They ended/finished the meeting at 6 p.m.

  17. Language

  18. Answers to A1 on P21 A1: 1) ought to elect 2)should choose 3)should buy 4)shouldn’t start 5)ought to discuss A2: 1)should meet 2)should wear 3)should carry/bring 4)shouldn’t bring/carry 5)should leave 6)should ask 7)should not touch

  19. 情态动词 should / ought to should ought to +动词原形 否定结构 should not ought not to +动词原形

  20. Paraphrase 1. We ought to do our homework by ourselves. =We should do our homework by ourselves. 2. We ought not to talk in the libray. =We shouldn’t talk in the library.

  21. We should clean the room every day. 疑问: ____________________________. 肯定回答:_________________________. 否定回答:________________________. We ought to work hard at English. 疑问: ____________________________. 肯定回答:_________________________. 否定回答: _________________________. Should we clean the room every day? Yes, we should. No, we shouldn’t. Ought we to work hard at English? Yes, we ought to. No, we ought not to.

  22. 3 Put the following sentences into English. 我们应该学习帮助其他人。 ___________________________________________. ___________________________________________ 我们不应该浪费水、污染水。___________________________________________. ___________________________________________ We should learn to help others. We ought to learn to help others. We shouldn’t waste water or pollute it. We ought not to waste water or pollute it. • should和ought to没有过去时态.

  23. Let’s do the exercises

  24. B • 1.---_____I stop here, sir? • --- No, Go on to the next paragraph, please. • A. Will B. May • C. Could D. Ought • 2.Our teachers are at work. You _____make so much noise • A. mustn’t B. doesn’t • C. needn’t D. isn’t A

  25. A • 3. ---Must I write down these words now? • ---No, you ______ • A. needn’t B. mustn’t • C. may not D. can’t • 4. ---Look, it _____be Lao Wang. • ---No, it ___be him, for he has gone to Shanghai . • may; mustn’t B. must; may • C. must; can’t D. can; may not C

  26. 5. This pen looks like mine, yet it isn’t. Whose ___it be? A. must B. can C. would D. will 6. ____I go and apologize to my teacher for my mistake? A. Should B. Need C. Can D. May 7.---____I get there on time today? ---No, you needn’t A. Can B. May C. Must D. Should B A C

  27. C • 8. ---_____ we to discuss the plan now? • ---Yes. • A. might B. will C. ought D. should • 9. Peter ____ come with us tonight, but he isn’t very sure yet. • A. must B. can C. may D. will • 10.--I think our head teacher must be in the office. • --No, she _____ be there. I have just been there. • A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t C B

  28. 情态动词小结: • must 必须,一定 • can /could能 • need 需要 • may/ might 可能,可以 (或请求许可) • should/ ought to应该 +动词原形

  29. 1. ---Can you speak French? ---Yes, I can. / No, I can’t. 2. ---May I open the window? ---Yes, you may. / No, you mustn’t或you can’t. 3. ---Must I finish my homework first? ---Yes, you must. ---No, you needn’t. ( don’t have to ) 4.---Need I come tonight? ---Yes, you must. / No, you needn’t.

  30. 3.A:—Who is knocking at the door? B:--- It must be Tom. A: --It can’t be Tom. He has gone to Beijing. B: --Can it be Mary? She told me that she might come to visit us. must be肯定推测 can’t be否定推测 can be 疑问推测

  31. 感叹句

  32. 感叹句 (How / What…) • How + 形容词/ 副词 • What + 名词 • ________ fine weather it is! • ________ fine day it is! • ________ fine the weather is! • ________ beautiful the flowers are! • ________ naughty boys they are! • ________ quickly he is running! What What a How How What How

  33. What _______ a nice MP3! _______ wonderful work you have done! _______ nice the jacket is! _______ well she sings! _______ a great trip we have been on! _______ fast he drives! What How How What How

  34. 写出感叹句的结构 • What +(__/__)+____+_____ • What +______+_____ /_____ • How +_____/ ____ a an 形容词 单数名词 形容词 复数名词 不可数名词 形容词 副词

  35. How happy the cat is! • 把以下句子变成感叹句: • The cat is very happy. • _____________________! ______________________! • It is hot today. • _______________________! ________________________! • The students are working hard. • ___________________________! What a happy cat (it is)! How hot it is today! What a hot day it is today! How hard the students are working

  36. Paraghrase 1. What an interesting book! 2.How fine the weather is! How interesting the book is! What fine weather it is!

  37. Writing

  38. Newspapers consists of different sections: World news Home news/Local news Sports Letters People Entertainment娱乐 Health健康 …

  39. Guess: Which section does it belong to? Sports Health健康 Entertainment娱乐 World news

  40. Sports

  41. World news

  42. People

  43. Letters

  44. Local news

  45. Write a composition: • My favourite newspaper • The sections of the newspaper • Your favourite section • The reason you like it

  46. Useful expressions: 1.My favourite newspaper is… 2.It is published in… 3.There are…sections in it…such as… 4.I like ….best. 5. …get a lot of imformation… 6….interesting articles… 7….help….improve… 8….enjoy reading…

  47. My favourite Newspaper Beginning: My favourite newspaper is… Body: I like reading …best… Ending: I really learn a lot from it…

  48. My favorite Newspaper My favourite newspaper is 21st Century. It is English Newspaper. It is published in Beijing each week. There are many different sections, such as Sports,News, Learning Express, Campus Life and so on. I like reading Campus Life best. There are many pictures and interesting stories in it. I can get a lot of information from it .It also helps me improve my English. What’s more, it’s a good way for me to relax. I learn a lot from it and I enjoy reading it so much.