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Feel the Warmth of British Wool Throws PowerPoint Presentation
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Feel the Warmth of British Wool Throws

Feel the Warmth of British Wool Throws

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Feel the Warmth of British Wool Throws

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  1. British Wool Throws

  2. British Wool Throws At Their Best • Whether they are slung over a chair for impromptu snuggling, or used as decoration on a sofa or bed, wool throws and blankets can help with this. • They add texture, warmth and colour to a room – and can transform furniture from unremarkable pieces to the stars of a space. • We’ve looked for british wool throws creations by brands and independent designers who are proud of the provenance of their collections and whose designs and patterns stand-out from the pack.

  3. Welcome to British wool throws • An exclusive online store brimming with beautiful British blankets, throws, baby blankets, picnic blankets and fantastic gift ideas all superior in quality and value. • Brought about by a passion for high quality and design and an interest in sustainable and British made products Solway Blankets offers a collection of carefully chosen blankets and throws in an elegant array of wonderful designs, luxurious textures and assortment of colors.

  4. Blankets, with an extensive choice on offer it will be hard to decide • If your priority is warmth our alpaca blankets or mohair blankets offer the best natural insulation qualities, their fibers have been renowned for centuries, beautifully lightweight and delicate they pack a punch with their silky softness and warmth. • For british wool throws sheer luxury and indulgence nothing can compare to a cashmere blanket, the fabulous Kin mount plaid cashmere blanket with its refined attention to detail and richness in color will not disappoint.

  5. Our fabulous range includes spirit lifting colors and textures like the fabulous Rainbow lamb’s wool throw or perhaps the beautiful Spring Green Beehive pure wool throw. • Collections such as Check blankets or Herringbone throws appear as both blankets and throws due to their fabulous versatility and natural qualities. • Baby blankets make fabulous, practical gifts with longevity, choose a super soft Maze pink bamboo baby blanket for a girl or a gorgeous Gingham blue baby blanket for boy or wrap a precious new born in pure luxury and finest quality with a beautiful Cashmere baby blanket.

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