the warmth of home n.
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The Warmth of Home PowerPoint Presentation
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The Warmth of Home

The Warmth of Home

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The Warmth of Home

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  1. The Warmth of Home

  2. Coming home everyday to a roof over your head, to food on the table, a place to shower and relax might seem like something ordinary, but having a place to turn to no matter what, a place to be yourself and to belong, is more then anyone can ever really ask for. Having somewhere to call ‘Home’ is something so precious, and it’s so sad how the most amazing things in life so easily pass us by. Appreciating and embracing what we have in our lives is something we forget to do. We never realize how lucky we are to have what we have until it’s gone. Heading back home after a long and hectic day has become so natural to us, it has become part of our routine, and the idea of not having that place to turn to is so unfathomable to ever even cross our minds. Only when ‘Home’ is gone, would we know what home truly meant to us. A sanctuary, a safe haven, a place to call our own, a place to grow in, a place to feel comfortable, free, and alive, it is a place that expresses us and makes us who we are. This is home. Home is a place we need to treasure and all the little things that make it up are precious pieces of the treasure. The warmth of home often goes unnoticed, like passing treasure we never knew we had.

  3. To have somewhere to head back to after a long day. A place to feel comfortable, secure, and happy. A place where you know you belong. This solid building and roof over our head may seem like nothing to us, but it is in fact worth more then we’ll ever know.

  4. A warm comfortable bed to sleep in and forget all our worries. A place we wish we could stay cuddled up all day, but our alarm clock refuses to let us. That feeling you get when you lie down late at night after a long hectic day and wake up in the morning feeling rested, it’s an indescribable feeling and we get to have it everyday.

  5. To wake up to breakfast everyday and fill our stomachs with food. The luxury of never leaving home on an empty stomach and being able to cook whatever we would like. We will never know how fortunate we are.

  6. To take warm long bubble baths, relax, and embrace the peacefulness around you. To have somewhere to clean, rejuvenate, and freshen up yourself. Our health and happiness greatly depends on this, and we’ll never know how lucky we really are.

  7. Home allows you to have somewhere where you have time for yourself, and time to pamper yourself. Somewhere where you’re able to make yourself look good so that you can feel good on the inside and gain confidence. It gives you a place where you can forget the outside world and focus on yourself.

  8. To have a full fridge of food allows you to feel secure. To have a place where you know you’ll never go hungry. To have a fridge to keep food fresh and to be able to choose food to your liking. A full fridge of food is something we all deserve, but that not all of us get.

  9. To have pets to take care of, share your life with, and be part of your family. To be able to share a home with animals that make you feel happy and loved is just one of the amazing comforts of home.

  10. To have a place where you can enjoy movie nights, share time with your loved ones, and spend time relaxing and enjoying each others company. Home offers you a place to do what you love and to take comfort in your hobbies. Home offers you the greatest pleasures, and when you embrace them that’s when you truly know how lucky you are.

  11. To have a place to sing at the top of your lungs and dance around without a care in the world. Home offers you a place where you can be your absolute self, where you don’t have to feel insecure or judged, and where you can embrace full enjoyment of life and not care what others think.

  12. To have food to eat, and be surrounded by family and feel loved. Home gives you a place to turn to after a long day with a growling stomach, and know that there is a table full of food to look forward to.

  13. Home gives you a place where you can be yourself without being judged and where you can do the simplest things, and yet feel the most alive.

  14. Home offers you a safe place where you can decorate and arrange to your own liking. It gives you a place that you can make your own, where you can express yourself, and feel most connected to who you are.

  15. A closet full of stuff with a variety of clothes allowing you to dress yourself comfortably, to your own taste, and to always have clean clothes to put on your back. Home offers you a place to be organized and keep all your things together. Home gives your life structure, and it offers you peace of mind.

  16. A place where you can escape reality and dive into doing what makes you happy. Home gives you a place where you can read, relax, and enter your own world. The comfort that home gives you is immeasurable.

  17. - To have a place where you can play board games, have fun, and feel blessed for the little moments you’re a part of. Home is where you can share family time and be surrounded by laughter and love.