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Reading Bass Clef PowerPoint Presentation
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Reading Bass Clef

Reading Bass Clef

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Reading Bass Clef

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  1. Reading Bass Clef

  2. Staff • Music is written on a staff. A staff is a set of five lines. • The plural form of staff is staves.

  3. Barlines and Measures • The staff is separated into smaller equal sections by bar lines. Barline Barline Barline Barline Measure Measure Measure • The distance between the barlines is called a measure.

  4. Double Barline • A double bar line is a normal barline immediately followed by a thicker line. It signifies the end of a piece of music. Double Barline

  5. Quick Review Barlines B Staff A D C Double Barline Measure

  6. Clef Sign • A clef sign is a symbol found at the beginning of every line of music that tells you how to read the music. • There are four different clefs. • Treble • Alto • Tenor • Bass • This means there are four different ways to read music.

  7. Bass Clef • Bass Clef (also called F Clef) is used for instruments that play middle to extremely low notes. • Piano • Tuba • Bassoon • Trombone • Bass Clarinet • Bass • Cello

  8. Drawing a Bass Clef • Follow along on the board step by step • Practice drawing 40 BassClefs on your own on the staff paper provided.

  9. Lines and Spaces • Reading music begins with determining if the note is on a space or line • If the note is being cut in half by a line, it s a line note. • There are five lines

  10. Lines and Spaces • Notes that are in a space sit between two lines. • There are four spaces

  11. Quick Review Line/Space Line/Space Line/Space Line/Space

  12. Individual Practice • Work individually on the worksheet provided, put an “S” for space or an “L” for line

  13. Reading BassClef • When a bassclef is at the beginning of a piece of music it determines the name of every line and space note. The names of the lines and spaces will NOT change unless the clef changes. • Earlier we learned treble clef, but we are changing to bass clef. Since our clef has changed, so will the names of our lines and spaces.

  14. BassClef Lines A F D B G GoodBoys Do FineAlways

  15. Bass Clef Spaces G E C A • All Cows Eat Grass • All Cars Eat Gas

  16. Bass Clef Lines AND Spaces A G F E D C B A G • Notice, there is a line “G” and a space “G” • What other note has a line and a space of the same name? A

  17. Quick Review E B C F G

  18. Individual Practice • One the worksheet provided, give the name of each bassclef note.