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Welcome to Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade

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Welcome to Second Grade

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  1. Welcome to Second Grade Ria Nicholas Room 202 281-641-3023

  2. School Day • 8:00 – 3:15 • If your child will be absent, call absent line 281-641-3019 with symptoms. • Parent Note: Unless you send a note, the absence will be unexcused after 2 days. • Lunch: 11:20-11:50 • Conference Period: 2:10-3:00 • 3:00 p.m. is the latest you may pick your child up “early”. (11:00 a.m. on Early Release Days.)

  3. No buses this year! There will be no bus service this year. However, there will be 2 car rider lines. If you child is a car rider, please pick up one car rider sign accordingly: If you live west of W. Lake Houston (across W. Lake Houston from the school), you will pick up your children by the cafeteria where the buses use to go. If you live east of W. Lake Houston (the same side as the school), you will pick up your children in front of the school in the circle drive.

  4. Phone Numbers Please keep us updated on all phone numbers. We need them in case of emergency!!!!

  5. Specials Schedule My specials schedule will change throughout the year; however: • Monday and Wednesday will always be our P.E. days. (Wear sneakers!)

  6. Breakfast/Lunch • Breakfast: $1.30 • Lunch: $2.00 • Lunch Hotline: 281-641-5838 • We will be eating lunch on early release days!

  7. S N A C K • Healthy – not sugary • No candy • No hot chips or Cheetos • Easy to open • Not sticky, messy, or spill-prone

  8. WATER Children may bring a water bottle for recess or P.E. The bottle MUST have a sports top. No other drinks are allowed.

  9. For safety reasons, ALL visitors MUST sign in at the office!

  10. TRANSPORTATION • Send a note with your child if they are leaving early or have a change in transportation. • Write your child’s name on the Transportation Checklist. • Label the Name Tags as directed on the Welcome Back page and leave here or return with you child on Monday.

  11. Birthdays • No food items. • Pencils, stickers, erasers . . . for all students in class. • No invitations.

  12. Homework Homework packets will be given on Mondays, to be completed at your child's own pace. Parents and students, please sign the Homework Sheet, and have your child turn in completed homework on Friday. There will be no homework the first and last week of school or the week before a vacation.

  13. Daily Folder • Your child will have a daily folder. • It will have a daily conduct sheet. Please initial/sign each night. • Please remove completed work from the folder. • Please make sure your child brings the folder back to school every day.

  14. Behavior • Blue: Great Day • Green: Warning • Yellow: 2nd Warning/Loss of recess time • Orange: 3rd Warning/Behavior Ticket • Red: Office Referral

  15. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ • Activity Fee: $25 to school for purchase of classroom consumables • Celebration Fee: $10 to PTO to fund classroom celebrations • Field trip money will be charged separately. Be sure to head to cafeteria for important PTO information!

  16. Note: Friday August 26th will be an early release day. Dismissal will start at 11:10 a.m.

  17. Reading:

  18. Decoding (“Accuracy”) (What to do when you get stuck on a word): • Look at text features: title, illustrations, captions for clues. • Get mouth ready for beginning sound. • Look at chunks/parts of words. • Think about what makes sense. • Re-read. • Read on; then go back.

  19. Fluency Fluency Comprehension Decoding Fluency forms a bridge to comprehension.

  20. Comprehension: • Recognizing story elements: characters, setting, problem, solution (fiction) • Appreciating & using text features: titles, maps, charts, graphs, captions, etc. (non-fiction) • Distinguishing between fiction and non-fiction • Making connections to self, other texts, the world • Creating mental images • Asking relevant questions (I wonder . . . ) • Making inferences • Making predictions • Deriving the meaning of new words from context clues • Recognizing the author’s purpose • Uncovering non-explicit meaning in texts • Synthesizing all of the above to understand a moral or lesson

  21. SpellingWord Study

  22. “Word Study Test” • List of 5 words that reflect the rule/pattern • 10 new, grade level words to apply the rule/ pattern • 5 above-level words to apply the rule/ pattern • Dictation sentences: • Sight words • Phonetics • Rule/Pattern words (past and current) • Grammar conventions

  23. Grammar • Start sentence with capital letter • Correct punctuation at end of sentence • Complete sentences: subject and predicate • Subject/verb agreement

  24. Math Telling Time Adding and Subtracting Counting Coins Graphing Measuring Fractions

  25. Academic success is like a three-legged stool. It requires support from all three participants. Success Students Parent Student Teacher

  26. What Parents Can Do To Help: • Homework help (Don’t do it for your child.) • Fuel for thought: • Healthy breakfast • Healthy snack (not sugary, sticky, or messy) • Healthy lunch • Water • School-proof clothing

  27. A note about the Directory • If you decline adding your child to the directory, we cannot include them in class photos and the yearbook. • Please direct any questions about this to the front office.

  28. Box Tops Thank you for remembering to clip Box Tops and send in with your child!