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  1. Identification Why do People Wear Clothes #3

  2. identification • Clothes has always been useful in identifying certain people in a community. It shows what people do or what they want to be. • People may wear certain aspects of clothing to represent themselves and others. • Identification (using clothing) can mean many different things. Depending on the type, it can give feelings of excitement, fear, security or love, ect...

  3. The Police • The police are known for their uniforms. We know exactly who they are based on their clothing. • Their identification can provide mixed feelings.... Security? Fear?

  4. The Military • The military is known for their uniforms. • We can typically recognize the uniform of a soldier right away. • They have different variations of uniforms, which are typically based on the location of their base/station. • What types of feelings does this uniform bring forward? Gratitude? Praise? War?

  5. Wedding Dress • A brides white gown signifies a wedding • A veil is typically associated with a bride • Wedding rings also identify people as married. • A wedding dress is often a sign of love, purity hope and the future.

  6. Other uniforms: • Cheerleader (ex. Dallas Cowboys) • Hockey (Toronto Maple Leafs) • Business Suit (Typically a professional, or someone wanting to be a professional- ex job interview)

  7. Postmen/women (Canada Post delivery) • Flight attendants (West Jet) • Store Clerks (Walmart) • Paramedics (St. John’s ambulance service)

  8. Royals & the Colour Purple • In ancient times, royalty was singled out by the amount of purple they used in their robes. • The colour purple was taken from a small liquid found in a certain snail. • It was very expensive to produce as a dye. Only kings and high royalty could afford to use it.

  9. Teacher Nurse Doctor Construction Worker Chef/baker Baseball player Royalty- King/Queen Nun/Priest- coif Private school student Flight attendant Pilot Bride Flower girl Tennis player Figure Skater Today’s Class Under your notes: In a sentence or two, explain or draw how you would identify the following people. Stethoscope Extra Question: What are your thoughts on school uniforms?