leaders and managers network meeting autumn 2018 n.
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Leaders and Managers Network meeting Autumn 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Leaders and Managers Network meeting Autumn 2018

Leaders and Managers Network meeting Autumn 2018

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Leaders and Managers Network meeting Autumn 2018

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  1. Leaders and Managers Network meeting Autumn 2018

  2. WELCOME! • EYFS Profile data • Training and Key Messages • Swindon Stories • Safeguarding Updates • Useful Updates

  3. Profile Data-Swindon Picture

  4. Ready, Steady Talk! Having Fun with Phonics Workshops

  5. The Why? 2/3 of 7-14 year olds with serious behaviour problems have language impairment Five year olds with poor vocabulary are 1.5x more likely to have mental health problems as adults Early spoken language skills are THE best predictor of literacy overall Over 60% of young people in young offender institutions have communication difficulties Vocabulary of children from low income families lags behind high income counterparts by 19 months at school entry ….and twice as likely to be unemployed in adulthood

  6. The Why? • Hart and Risley (2003) • 30 million word gap! Words per hour • $ - 616 words • $$ - 1251 words • $$$ - 2153 words • By age 3 – cumulative word gap of 30 million less words between children from poorer families and their peers from more affluent/professional families.

  7. ELP role • Reading is the key area of concern in Swindon which is why we want to push phonics • Communication and Language is paramount for this • Cascade this information back to all staff • Support other practitioners with children’s communication and language • Raise the profile of early literacy in your setting and across Swindon • Follow on networks • Cluster work

  8. Ready, Steady Talk! Having Fun with Phonics Workshops Thursday 24th January 9am-12pm Wednesday 30th January 9am-12pm Thursday 7th February 1pm-4pm 1 person to attend from every setting

  9. Swindon Stories Anish Noble-Harrison

  10. Safeguarding Updates

  11. EP Consultations Wednesday 12th December 2-5pm at The Meadow Thursday 17th January 9 am-12 at Central Pre-School RLK

  12. To discuss a child by name and have a record of the consultation from the EP, the settings need to gain written consent from parents. They should use the consent form attached to this email and a copy of this consent needs to be handed to the EP at the start of the consultation so that this can be stored by the EPS. Without this the discussion will need to be anonymous (as below) although the setting can return at a later date with written consent. • Without written consent, settings can have a broader discussion about a child anonymously. In this case parents do not need to be made aware of the consultation or provide written consent. In this case the EP will not provide a record in the same way as for named children as this cannot be signed, stored, sent out, etc. The setting and EP may make (anonymous) notes/action plan and the setting can take notes away for their own benefit. • In either scenario we would expect that as part of the graduated response, the setting had already liaised with the parents regarding their concerns, as well as putting in additional support for the child as appropriate.

  13. Next Network Meeting.. Tuesday 5th March 9.30-11.30 am At Pinetrees Community Centre

  14. Thank You!