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  1. Day Four Voice Talk Directly to Audience Unique Point of View Catchy Titles Evoking Emotion Whenever you see this icon, you will write in your note-taking packet.

  2. Voice • The feeling behind the topic is what makes it compelling and engaging for the reader. • Pieces that lack voice – voiceless writing – are lifeless and mechanical. There is no attitude detected, no point of view reflected. These pieces are stale and boring. • Voice is relevant in all types of writing. • In narrative writing,the honest and personal voice is what makes the reader love/hate the characters. • In expository writing, the confident and authoritative voice makes the reader listen and learn from the writer. • In persuasive writing, the passionate and committed voice sells the reader on the writer’s point of view.

  3. Quick Strategies for Voice • A great way to add voice is to talk directly to your audience! (Place what you want to say to your audience in parenthesis!) • An “aside” makes your audience feel connected to your story and captures their attention causing them to want to read your story! 1:08 minutes

  4. Quick Strategies for Voice • Show your emotion or emphasize a word or phrase by using all CAPS! All of the lessons I have taught you are important if you want to be a successful seventh grader, but the best advice I can give you is ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST!If you follow everything I taught you and this advice, I am sure you will be successful in seventh grade (and justabout anything else you try).

  5. Quick Strategies for Voice • If it fits the tone/mood of your paper, try using an ellipsis, hyphen, or a dash. • Any type of unique punctuation will add some voice to your story!? Just make sure the punctuation fits what you are trying to say and get across to your audience. “Spell it how it sounds,” the teacher stated. Well, “of” sounds like “ov”. So–that is how I spelled it. What a mistake that was… little did I know, but I would be handicapped in spelling for the rest of my life!

  6. Quick Strategies for Voice • Try underlining something for effect. Are you sure you know how to behave like a proper eighth grader? That’s what the next lesson is about – behavior! Here aresome things to remember: Don’t ever talk back to the teacher – that will certainly get you into trouble! Also, eighth grade teachers (and all other teachers for that matter)do NOT like it when students roll their eyes! If you want to make it through eighth grade,you will want to remember these tipsbecause if you don’t… well, good luck in the principal’s office!

  7. Which Letter has Voice • Dear Richard, Congratulations on your unbroken record. Eight straight losses, WOW! I understand you’re the laughing stock of New Jersey. Maybe you and your team should take up knitting instead… Your former friend, Jimmy • Dear Richard, So sorry to hear you lost again. I believe that makes eight in a row. People are laughing at you guys. Maybe you should find something else to do instead. Sincerely, Jimmy

  8. Using a Unique Point of View • To spice up your writing…think about writing from a unique point of view. • When writing, most students write from an “expected” point of view. • For example, if you use this picture to inspire a story, what about writing the story from the point of view of the dog’s glasses or book!?! What about a flea’s point of view?

  9. This is fun spraying the dog! I think he really likes it! I think he needs more of that slimly stuff!! You know…it makes that white stuff. I just know my dog thinks it is fun to get a bath!

  10. Stop washing me! I have had enough washing! After I’m done getting my bath, I better get a bone, or even better, I should get a steak ! Seriously, how much longer is this misery going to last?

  11. Get this heavy dog off me! What did you have to eat?! A cow or a pig?! I am all wet from Mr. Piggy up there splashing and all soapy! Wait till the next time he takes a bath! I will be on vacation!

  12. Point of View Activity • Write down what each animal is thinking in the next series of three slides!

  13. Catchy Titles • To incorporate voice…use a catchy title! • The title is your first impression, so make ita good one!!! • Remember, the goal is to have your audience WANTING to read your paper….and a catchy title is just the thing to peak their interest! • The catchy title can make your audience sit up and take notice….putting them in a great frame of mind to read your paper! • Imagine the teacher sitting down to grade 160 papers. After reading boring title after boring title, imagine how she would perk up if she all of a sudden read a catchy title like “Stealth” or “Mistletoe Monday” …. Mrs. Katchie Label

  14. Catchy Title Example “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” • “Intruder” • “Finding the Perfect Fit” • “Ah, Just Right” • “Alone in the Woods” Take an already created title, and write a catchy title that could go with the story.

  15. Title Options

  16. Catchy Title Activity • “Snow White” • “Little Red Riding Hood” • “Cinderella” • “The Three Little Pigs” For each title below, write a CATCHYtitle that could go with the story.

  17. Creating Titles Activity Create a catchy title for each picture. 1. 2. 3. 4.

  18. Worksheet Assignment • Create a “Day in the Life Of…” • Add a CATCHY title. • Write from a unique point of view. • Try and use several of the below strategies. • Use ( ) Parenthesis… talk directly to the reader • ALL CAPITAL LETTERS… to show emotion or emphasize • Underline a word or phrase… to show emphasis • Use a punctuation mark like the ellipsis or hyphen • Ellipsis = . . . • Hyphen/Dash = ---- DUE TOMORROW Don’t Forget Great Word Choices!! Try and write ONE page….that would mean you need to get at least ½ way down on the back side of the worksheet.