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Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme PowerPoint Presentation
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Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme

Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme

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Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme

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  1. Security Industry AuthorityApproved Contractor Scheme

  2. What is the scheme about? • Industry designed quality assurance scheme • Intended to • raise industry standards and conditions, plus promote best practise • recognise best practise organisations • Creating opportunity through • enhanced capabilities • greater buyer understanding and preference • facilitating new partnerships

  3. What will ACS mean? • Allows our company to demonstrate that • it has reached nationally recognised quality standards • it is committed to the compulsory licensing of staff • Provides assurances about the capability of our organisation and systems for • existing customers • new customers • general public • authorities • insurers

  4. Overall shape of ACS • Developed in collaboration with the private security industry • Open to those parts of the industry that are regulated by licensing • One scheme with sector specific approval • A single level of approval (either pass or fail) • Application to ACS is voluntary

  5. Scheme philosophy • Accessible for all sizes of organisation • micro, small, medium and large • Voluntary, with no obligation • will stand on its own merits • Will meet the requirements of the Private Security Industry Act 2001 • including standards and best practise

  6. Regulated (licensed) sectors • Manned Guarding • Security Guarding • Door Supervision • Close Protection • Cash and Valuables in Transit • CCTV in Public Space Surveillance • Vehicle Immobilising • Key Holding

  7. This tells buyers what we do. This tells them how well we do it. Scheme identity and benefits

  8. Operational flexibility can deploy staff with licence application in process by issuing staff with an LDN (Licence Dispensation Notice) Create opportunity be part of a nationally recognised scheme be recognised by other authorities (Extended Police Family) Business opportunity enjoy independent endorsement and promotion differentiate our business from others demonstrate our quality commitment illustrate our customer focus Benefits for our company

  9. Ensures continuity of service be confident that the supplier has a resourceful and flexible organisation Endorses good employment practice acknowledges supplier compliance to licensing legislation Enhances the reach of the security network recognition from the Police and other authorities Receive high levels of customer service Benefits for our customers

  10. Approval materials Plaque for supplier company premises Brochure for security buyers Lapel pin to wear on site

  11. ACS organisations may deploy unlicensed staff provided that training completed licence applied for and application acknowledged on request, operatives can produce the LDN, a proof of identity and licence application acknowledgement no more than 15% of total licensable staff operate under licence dispensation staff do not work on assignments where restrictions apply (children or vulnerable adults) LDN will be withdrawn immediately if a licence application is refused or withdrawn Licence Dispensation Notice

  12. Organisations without ACS cannot legally deploy staff who do not possess (i.e. physically hold) the appropriate licence Records must be maintained as to staff issued with LDNs date issued and date of expiry Misuse of LDN facility may result in withdrawal of dispensation facility rejection of annual re-registration immediate withdrawal of Approved Status Licence Dispensation Notice

  13. Building awareness • The SIA is promoting ACS to buyers and users of private security services within • public sector • local government • central government • commercial sectors • not for profit organisations

  14. Awareness activities • Communications include • press advertising • journalist briefings, press releases and articles • direct mail campaigns • e-mail bulletins and website updates • brochures and newsletters • exhibitions and seminars • road shows and other events • partner / shared initiatives

  15. Further information from the SIA • available on the SIA website at • • or speak to the ACS team by calling • 020 7025 4190 • or email the ACS team at •