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Venezuelan Border Dispute PowerPoint Presentation
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Venezuelan Border Dispute

Venezuelan Border Dispute

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Venezuelan Border Dispute

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  1. Venezuelan Border Dispute By, Ashlyn Maurer, Nick Ricciardi, and Maria Van Buskirk

  2. What is it? • Dispute over the boundary between Venezuela and Guyana • Grew more important after the discovery of gold in the disputed area • Venezuela finally sought aid from the United States and broke relations with Great Britain

  3. How did the US get involved? • U.S. pressured Great Britain to participate in arbitration of the boundary dispute. • U.S. officials even went as far as threatening war . • Richard Olney, protested against the enlargement of British Guyana at the expense of Venezuela. • This meant that the British had already violated the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 • Britain agreed to let an international tribunal arbitrate the boundary in 1897

  4. What where the U.S.Motives? • Grover Cleveland, who was serving a second term as President, realized that he was losing popularity among workers everywhere in the country. He and his secretary of State, Richard Olney, decided to adopt a foreign policy and help Venezuela to divert attention from their own country’s problems. • Get the British out of the Western Hemisphere

  5. Did they justify their motives? • The U.S. justified their motives by using the Monroe Doctrine to demand arbitration (legal technique for resolving a dispute outside of court) • This use of the Monroe Doctrine helped to enforce it in the Western Hemisphere and push the British out, which was one of their motives for getting involved.

  6. Superman • The United States acted as superman as opposed to a mafia don. • Assisted Venezuela in claiming their land. • Helped Venezuela more then it benefited the United States. • They substantially assisted in moving the British out of the land that was not rightfully theirs and for this Venezuela was very thankful.

  7. Reaction of local population • The local population was happy with the U.S. help because it helped Venezuela gain land even though the British still had some control. 

  8. Final Result • In 1899, 94% of the disputed territory to British Guyana. Venezuela got only the mouth of the Orinoco River and a short stretch of the Atlantic coastline. • Venezuela was unhappy with the decision, a commission surveyed a new border and both sides accepted the boundary in 1905, thus creating the Schomburgk Line

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