tips for using this storyboarding template n.
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Tips for using this storyboarding template PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for using this storyboarding template

Tips for using this storyboarding template

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Tips for using this storyboarding template

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  1. This top header text is for the title of your scenario, which appears on all your pages. To change it in PowerPoint click on View and select Master  Slide Master. When done editing click View  Normal. Tips for using this storyboarding template Using PowerPoint as a storyboarding tool before authoring in CSCR will save you considerable time and result in better instructional design. You can also share PowerPoint storyboards with colleagues to get feedback before you invest lots of time authoring in the CSCR tool. Make sure you save this PowerPoint file using another name and keep this original file for future storyboarding. You can delete and/or replace all of the instructional content we’ve included in this template with your own material. Use the notes section below for additional descriptions of your page content. When you complete a storyboard you can select the text then copy and paste it into your CSCR project. Any images that you use should be saved and later inserted into CSCR.

  2. In PowerPoint make sure you display your slides vertically along the left side. Right mouse click on any slide and select Layout to change the layout of that slide to one of the common CSCR page layouts. Try it out on the next page

  3. Here are a variety of objects you can copy and paste into other pages to assist you in storyboarding. Type description here Audio Controller Navigation buttons

  4. Contact CSB Support for questions or problems 'CSB Support' <>