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Using this template

Using this template

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Using this template

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  1. Using this template This template gives you a starting point to create a presentation to managers on workplace health and wellbeing. The template includes slides, speaking notes (below) and prompts (in italics). It can be changed as needed to suit your specific needs. This template contains information on the benefits of workplace health and wellbeing programs, research outcomes, how to build a business case and what works. Healthier Workplace WA has resources that you can access online to support this presentation, including the Evidence Factsheet, and the Three Step Guide. This presentation should take 10 -15 minutes to present. If you need assistance in tailoring this presentation to your organisation, contact Healthier Workplace WA on 1300 550 271. Delete this slide before giving your presentation

  2. Why invest in workplace health?

  3. Why workplace health?

  4. Cost of not investing in workplace health

  5. The benefits

  6. For every dollar invested in workplace health and wellbeing programs, there is a return on investment of between $3 and $6.5 The bottom line

  7. Workers who work in organisations that promote health and wellbeing are three times more likely to identify their workplace as a high or above average performer.7 What’s involved? Management support Policy development Supportive workplace culture Infrastructure and facilities Participation

  8. Plan • Gain management support • Identify a coordinator • Develop a working group • Consult with staff • Do • Create healthy policy • Develop an action plan • Identify strategies • Promote the program • Review • Evaluate the program • Move forward What needs to be done?

  9. How can managers support the program? • Develop supportive policies • Allocate time and resources • Ensure a supportive built environment • Ensure workers are consulted during program development • Participate in key program activities/events • Encourage workers to participate • Be a role model • Ensure all management endorse the program If management support the goals and take part in the program then workers will be more enthusiastic and motivated to join in.

  10. Ideas for your workplace More strategies available at Healthy eating & drinking Alcohol-free • Make sure alcohol is not provided to staff at your workplace • Choose alternatives to alcohol when giving prizes, thank you gifts or for fundraising • Provide free water and non-alcoholic drinks at work functions and if alcohol is provided, ask workers to buy their own. • Provide healthy catering at work functions. • Provide kitchen facilities to encourage food storage and preparation • Organise free fresh fruit and vegetables to be delivered to your workplace Smoke-free Physical activity • Develop a smoke-free policy • Promote the Quitline - a free interactive support service for people wanting to quit. • Allow flexible working arrangements to allow workers to attend quit smoking activities or courses. • Provide maps of local walking, cycling or public transport routes to and from your workplace. • Start a lunch time walking group. • Promote regular standing, stretching and walking breaks to reduce sitting time.

  11. Healthy workers are happy and more productive. Can we afford NOT to invest in the health and wellbeing of our workforce? A healthier workplace – it’s better all round Find out more at

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