broadcasting act 1990 n.
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Broadcasting Act 1990 PowerPoint Presentation
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Broadcasting Act 1990

Broadcasting Act 1990

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Broadcasting Act 1990

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  1. Broadcasting Act 1990 • The purpose of the act was change and reform the structure of British broadcasting. • It led to the abolition of the Independent broadcasting authority. And the formation of the Independent television commission and Radio Authority • Radio and television companies are now the broadcasters because of this act. Before the Broadcasting act was made the regulators were the broadcasters.

  2. Emerging social concern • In modern TV and film there has been a massive rise in gore, violence and things that would cause moral panic. • The main concern is that people are getting desensitised to this and will socially accept it as normal. • Social taboos are now more open and being covered in TV and film. • With film

  3. Belonging to a trade union Health and safety • BECTU is the UK’s top media and entertainment trade union. Financed entirely by individual members. Located in London but have regional offices in Birmingham, Cardiff, Salford quays and Glasgow. • The key job roles of a trade union are to protect the jobs of all the members, increase memberships, improve pay and working conditions. • Health and safety is a main priority in the film and TV business certain protocols must be done before any filming can be done such as risk assessment. • Under the health and safety legislation the responsibility for health and safety lies with the employer and the organisations in control of the location. • In other countries where the film or TV show has a low budget the health and safety is not a main concern and quite often people can get hurt and sometimes they even sue the production company they were working for. An example of this would be with the film the Evil dead during one of the scenes a camera was mounted to a bike and ended up with a crew member being run over by the bike suffering a lifelong injury on his chin.