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  1. Turkey By:Teegan Matthews

  2. Where Turkey is

  3. Ankara • Capital of Turkey • The center of the Turkish government

  4. Turkey Flag

  5. Recipe for Beurrik • 1/2 lb. Gruyere cheese puff pastry • 3 tbsp. thick white sauce • Cook the cheese and white sauce together until thick. Chill thoroughly and shape into three-inch rolls the size of a pencil. Roll the puff paste very thin. Wrap the cheese in strips of pastry and fry in hot fat. Drain on brown paper.

  6. Recipe for Rabat el Halkum • 4 cups sugar 1/2 cup cornstarch • 11/2 cups water 1 tbsp. lemon juice • 1 cup almonds blanched • and chopped • 1 drop attar of roses • Cook the sugar and water to a heavy syrup. Mix the lemon juice, nuts and cornstarch together and blend the mixture slowly into the syrup, beating well to keep the starch from lumping. Cook until clear, stirring all the time. Add the attar of roses. Turn the paste out on a board covered with powdered sugar. Spread to one-half inch thickness. Cut in small squares when cold.

  7. National Days in Turkey • Apr 23: National Sovereignty and Children's Day (anniversary of the establishment of Turkish Grand National Assembly) • May 1: Labour and Solidarity Day (recently added in 2009)

  8. Religious Holidays • Ramazan Bayrami: Three-day festival when sweets are eaten to celebrate the end of the fast of Ramadan month. Also known as "Seker (sweets) Bayrami" since it's customary to offer candies to family members and friends that are visiting. • Kurban Bayrami: Four-day festival when sacrificial sheep are slaughtered and their meat distributed to the poor

  9. Culture of Turkey • Folk culture: • Turkish folklore, Folk dances of Izmir, Horon folk dance, Karagöz and Hacivat, a Turkish shadow play, NasreddinHodja, Whirling Dervishes, Nomads (Yoruks) • Arts: • Turkish arts, Carpets and kilims, NazarBoncuk beads, Mother of pearl inlay (Sedef), Nargile (waterpipe), Meerschaum (Luletasi), Musical instruments of Turkey • Turkish cuisine: • Traditional Turkish drinks, Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, Turkish soups , Traditional mezes 1, Traditional mezes 2, Traditional mezes 3, Traditional mezes 4, Turkish meat dishes 1, Turkish meat dishes 2, Turkish desserts, Turkish dessert recipes, Mesir paste • Sport: • Camel wrestling, Turkish oil wrestling, Turkish Jereed (Javelin), Skiing in Turkey, Sports in Turkey, Mountaineering

  10. Culture of Turkey • Literature & Entertainment: • Turkish writers and poets 1, Turkish writers and poets 2, Turkish writers and poets 3, Novelist OrhanPamuk, Film director FerzanÖzpetek • Architecture: • Turkish architecture, Turkish bath (hamam), Turkish Baths in Istanbul, MimarSinan, Safranbolu and traditional Turkish houses • Government: • Political parties in Turkey, Prime Ministers, Presidents of the Republic, Grand National Assembly, Turkish National Anthem, The Constitution, Turkish economy, New Turkish Lira, New Turkish Lira law, Tax system, Banking system, Health Care in Turkey, Turkish Education System, Turkish Universities, Turkish Agriculture • Animals: • Dogs of Turkey: Shepherd dogs, Dogs of Turkey: Akbash and Karabash, Van cats, Foca Monk Seals, Bald Ibis (Kelaynak), Denizli Roosters • Other: • European Capital of Culture, Marriage in Turkey, Marriage for Foreigners in Turkey, Turkish language, Cultural and natural heritage, Turkish Armed Forces, Savarona Yacht, The Jews of Turkey