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AIM: How did Islam spread after Mohammed’s death? PowerPoint Presentation
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AIM: How did Islam spread after Mohammed’s death?

AIM: How did Islam spread after Mohammed’s death?

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AIM: How did Islam spread after Mohammed’s death?

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  1. AIM: How did Islam spread after Mohammed’s death? DO NOW TRIVIA: I am the third pillar of Islam ________________ I am the holy book of Muslims ________________ I am the city that Mohammed fled to for safety in 622 A.D. ____________ MAKE UP YOUR OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give to the poor Koran or Quran Medina HW: Write a persuasive paragraph explaining which group, Sunni or Shi’a, is right in choosing the successor of Muhammad.

  2. ISLAM DIVIDES AFTER MOHAMMED’S DEATH: “Abu Kabr, Mohammed’s right-hand man, must become the Prophet’s successor. Mohammed himself recommended elections in Arabia and believed the community was responsible for choosing the next ruler. Mohammed asked him to lead us in many prayers and also called on him to make rulings in his absence. We, the majority, have chosen Abu Bakr as our next leader and believe it is the only natural response.” SUNNI MUSLIMS “Ali, Mohammed’s cousin & daughter’s husband, should be the Prophet’s successor. Just as God appointed Mohammed to be his messenger, God has chosen Ali as the rightful ruler. On various occasions and in various ways, Mohammed had claimed that Ali was God’s divine chose.” SHI’A MUSLIMS

  3. *NOTES* ISLAM SPREADS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD (630 - 800 A.D.) REASONS FOR SUCCESS: Strong and able elected successors: Abu Bakr caliphs- a title given to the people who ruled after Mohammed’s death (successors) 2. Caliphs used military force to assert authority in Arabia and other lands 3. Caliphs gained support of conquered people 4. Victories became a sign of Allah’s support for Islam 5. Jihad- duty of Muslims to spread Islam and be one with Allah. Mohammed taught that anyone who died in a “Holy War” to spread Islam would go directly to Heaven.

  4. MUSLIMS CREATE AN EMPIRE What continents did the Umayyad Caliphate (Dynasty) extend its control over? ASIA, AFRICA & EUROPE What country in Europe became apart of the Umayyad Caliphate? SPAIN

  5. *NOTES* “PEOPLE OF THE BOOK” = Christians & Jews received special consideration by Muslims during conquest WHY??? What people would forced to convert to Islam?? POLYTHEISTS / IDOL WORSHIPPERS