f ive t hemes of g eography starring jamaica n.
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F ive T hemes of G eography STARRING Jamaica !!!!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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F ive T hemes of G eography STARRING Jamaica !!!!!!!

F ive T hemes of G eography STARRING Jamaica !!!!!!!

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F ive T hemes of G eography STARRING Jamaica !!!!!!!

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  1. Five Themes of GeographySTARRING Jamaica!!!!!!! By: Max E., Ryan L., Davis, Griffen, and Andrew Mr. Help You’re Jamaican me crazy!

  2. We’ll start with M the Movement of MR.HELP Jamaica imports an average of 4.6 billion dollars a year and exports sugar, bananas, coffee, rum, and yam (etc.). Jamaica uses road and railways, ships, and air transportation. Most Jamaicans use cell and home phones, skype, and email to communicate with each other. Most Jamaicans wear clothing made of silk cloth.

  3. Next is R the Regions of MR.HELP Jamaica is a US territory. It is also its own country. The majority of Jamaican’s speak Creole and English. Jamaicans always shake hands, look them in the eye, and say good morning. About 2,738,152 people live in Jamaica. 21.2 % of Jamaican’s believe in god, 8.8 % are Baptists, and 5.5 % are Anglican. The rest are of other religions. Jamaica consists of 3 major landform regions, the Eastern Mt. Region, the Central Valleys, and the Coastal Plains.

  4. Now we’re on HE the Human Environment Interaction of MR.HELP The environment is hot and there is mostly rural/rough terrain. The air is very polluted and hot/humid. Humans have adapted to the environment by wearing cool clothes and having airy houses. Humans have modified the environment by cutting down trees for farmland and space for houses. Humans depend on nature for fresh drinking water and vegetation for food. Affects that change the environment are pollution, contaminated water and air.

  5. Second to Last We Have L the Location of MR.HELP Jamaica is an island nation just above the equator. The absolute location of Jamaica is 18,15 degrees north and 77, 30 degrees west. The relative location of Jamaica is south of Cuba, East of Guatemala, and west of Haiti. Jamaica is a US territory and is a North American Island. Jamaica is in the Northwest Hemisphere. Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea. Some neighboring countries are Cuba, Haiti, and Guatemala.

  6. Last but not Least, we have P the Place of MR.HELP! Jamaica is made up of three major landform regions. The Eastern Mountains, Central Valleys, and Coastal Plains. The climate there is tropical with lots of warm weather ! In Jamaica most of the human settlements are in coastal areas. The capitol of Jamaica is Kingston. The land in Jamaica is used as Arable land (possible farmland), permanent crop land, and other land. With a population of 2,738,152 Jamaica is a great place to visit !

  7. Thanks! Thanks for watching our presentation! Now for the CREDITS of MR. HELP!!!!!!! • • • • • • • • -Google/Google images