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Things To Know Before You Choose Motocross Clothing

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Things To Know Before You Choose Motocross Clothing

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  1. Things To Know Before You Choose Motocross Clothing Are you passionate about motorcycles and motorcycles, and are you looking for useful tips on how to choose the appropriate garments regarding safety and quality? Do you want to avoid making mistakes due to inadequate research and low indispensable features a biker's clothing should have? awareness of the Here's a simple guide that will help you do not mistake anymore, and stay satisfied with all your motorcycle purchases.

  2. ●Security First of all! The first thing to consider when buying a garment is the question: safety in motion. A biker's clothing should not necessarily be beautiful, but it must be necessarily safe. Take the aesthetic factor for a moment and concentrate mainly on the features that make the product safe in case of accidents or dangerous falls. Certainly the eye wants its part, but do not make fashion and design the decisive factor in your buying decision. Assessing the safety factor means knowing the characteristics a garment needs to have to ensure the right protection. Knowing, for example, what are the safest materials with which the biker's clothing can be made is crucial to the purchase choice. It is useful to know, for example, that the skin is a very high-quality material because it is extremely resistant to rubbing on asphalt or any other type of road surface, it is the material that best responds to wear and tear. (Visit our section dedicated to Motorcycle Clothing)

  3. ●Leather Motorcycle Clothing The skin should be known to handle properly, so if you do not want to bring your jacket to the dye, remember that there are special products that allow you to wash your head comfortably at home and get cleanliness and 'skin hygiene. (See our range of skin cleansing and protection kits) excellent results for Other materials that maintain a high level of safety are undoubtedly Cordura and other high- strength technical fabrics. (Also visit the section dedicated to Motorcycle Clothing)

  4. ●Fabric motorcycle clothing More increased in a motorcycle clothing by inserting membranes made of PVC Nylon, or Gore Tex and HiTex. The latter also offers a good breath ability of the garment. waterproofness can be added or In addition to the type of material, when purchasing a motorcycle clothing item, it is necessary to make sure that the approved protections are present or, if not, that there are all the dispositions for inserting the same on shoulders, elbows, columns spine, hips and knees. The protections are nothing more than reinforcements made of the technical material with bump absorption characteristics, to be positioned at the most sensitive points of our body that would suffer greater impact due to possible falls. If the boss you buy does not already have its caps, immediately buy them separately, and replace the old, if damaged, with new reinforcements. (Visit our special category dedicated to Protections)

  5. ●Motorcycle Protection The gloves can have carbon caps to protect the knuckles and reinforcements on the palm at the most sensitive points of the hand to ensure the protection of your hands in the event of a fall. Protections at the tip, on the malleolus and in the upper part of the left foot (the one in contact with the shift pedal) is important that they are also present on the shoes of the motorcyclists, whether it is the appropriate boots for professionals, both simple and comfortable shoes with rubber outsole. Make sure you choose the motorcycle clothing or Motocross jersey item that has these features to feel as secure as possible during the travels.

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