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Indiana University Retail Myths and Reality PowerPoint Presentation
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Indiana University Retail Myths and Reality

Indiana University Retail Myths and Reality

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Indiana University Retail Myths and Reality

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  1. Indiana University Retail Myths and Reality Traci Kaas Sears College Recruiter January 2006

  2. Agenda • Introduction • Perception Of Retail • Retail Myths • Reality Of Retail • What Does It Take To Be Successful In Retail • Closing and Q&A

  3. Careers in Retail When you think about a career in retail what comes to mind? • Working on the floor or at the mall • Long hours • Weekends and nights • The local department or grocery store • Low pay • Limited career options • Is this what I really went college for?

  4. Careers in Retail What are some Retail Myths? • Retail jobs only consist of cashiers and sales associate positions • Retail positions do not prepare college students for challenging, upward mobile careers • Retail jobs don’t pay well • College degrees don’t apply to retail careers • Retailing is a declining industry due to e-commerce • Retail is not a growth industry * Source NRF 2000 Careers in Retailing

  5. Careers in Retail Retail is not: Stagnate • Running a Cash Register and Folding Clothes • All Long Hours and Low Pay Retail is: Ever Changing • People Oriented • Fast Paced • Challenging • Growth Opportunities • Leadership • Developing People • Teamwork • Financially Rewarding • Technology • Immediate

  6. Careers in Retail Retail is: Influential • Large Business Diversification • Billions in Revenue • Fortune 50 Company’s • Millions of Employees Worldwide • Diverse Source of Revenues and Profits • Apparel • Catalog / Mail Order • Consumer Electronics & Entertainment • Department Stores and Discount Stores • Drug and Rx • Grocery • Home Improvement • Specialty

  7. Careers in Retail Retail is: Opportunity • General Management • Marketing / Advertising • Store Operations • Loss Prevention • Finance • Human Resources • IT and E-Commerce • Service • Distribution, Logistics, Supply Chain Management • Merchandising Buying / Planning • Law * Source NRF 2000 Careers in Retailing

  8. Careers in Retail What it Takes to Succeed • Leadership Skills • Integrity • Diversity/Inclusiveness • Drive for Results • Teamwork • Building Relationships • Customer Focused • Performance Management • Communication Skills • Organization and Time Management

  9. Careers in Retail What it Takes to Succeed • Expectations, Motivation, Dedication, and Interest in Retail • Do you want what retail has to offer? • Do your short term goals match the career path?

  10. Careers in Sears Full Time Inventory Management Training Programs Retail Management Training Programs Accounting Training Programs Internal Audit Training Programs Loss Prevention Management Automotive Management Internships Inventory Management Internships Retail Management Internships Internal Audit Internships Logistics Internships More info:

  11. Retail Management Internship • 12-week structured internship • Junior status • Intern-to-Hire model • Successful completion of your internship may lead to full-time employment • National Intern Conference • Executive speakers presentations • Competitive pay rate • What you’ll do during the summer: • You’ll work in one of our retail stores seeing firs-hand what goes into a successful retail business. You’ll work directly with an assistant store manager developing merchandising and leadership skills. You’ll rotate through various store functions including receiving, replenishment, loss prevention, in-store support, and human resources. Your training will include formal and informal evaluations, and you’ll be assigned several challenging projects that will allow you to apply what you’ve learned.

  12. Retail Management Development Program • The Retail Management Development Program is designed to develop talented associates into high-performing managers and leaders within the retail store field organization with the goal of reaching store general manager in 5 - 7 years. • All positions are in the field - either in a store, district, or region • 9 - 12 month training program • Long-term career direction in senior region management • Specific training locations are identified within major metropolitan areas in each of our eight geographic regions in the US. Initial assignments will likely occur in the city where you train. Geographic preferences are considered, but not guaranteed.

  13. Retail Management Development Program • The program is made up of the following building blocks • In-Store Rotations • You will rotate through all selling and non-selling areas of the store to learn the skills required in each role as well as gaining a macro view of how it all works together. As with all store management positions, you’ll have to be prepared to work nights, weekends, and holidays as needed. • Mentor Relationship • Relationships with high-performing managers and leaders at Sears. • Structured Development • Structured training and development through multiple media including on-line and classroom-based experiences as well as hands on training. • Networking Opportunities • The ability to interact with peers and proven leaders within the company is an important building block of ongoing development; therefore we ensure you have these opportunities. • Potential Career Path • Trainee > Softlines Assistant Store Manager (ASM) > Hardlines ASM > In-Store Support ASM > Operations ASM > Store General Manager

  14. Typical Career Path - Inventory Management/Merchandising VP/General Merchandise Manager V.P. Inventory Management • Other Career Paths: • Product Development • Sourcing • Logistics • Marketing Divisional Merchandise Manager Divisional Vice President Inventory Management Buyer Director Inventory Management Inventory Manager Associate Buyer Career Paths usually include planning and buying assignments Senior Inventory Analyst Senior Inventory Analyst Inventory Analyst Inventory Management Trainee

  15. Inventory Management Internship • 12-week internship - located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois • Junior status • National Intern Conference • Executive speakers presentations • Competitive pay rate • Intern-to-Hire model • Successful completion of your internship may lead to full-time employment • What you’ll do during the summer • You’ll get hands-on experience right where the action is - learning inventory management, placement and planning, as well as gaining insight into the buying function. Your goal will be to maintain an in-stock standard while achieving planned turnover and revenue goals. You will also be assigned specific projects throughout the internships. The internship includes formal and informal evaluations.

  16. Typical Career Path - Retail Region Vice President Region Operations Mgr. Other Business Roles Director of Stores Home Office SGM (large store) SGM (medium store) Store General Manager Assistant Store Manager Brand Central Assistant Store Manager Softlines Assistant Store Manager Operations Assistant Store Manager In-Store Support Automotive Assistant Store Manager Hardlines Retail Trainee

  17. Q & A