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…and the Lion King

…and the Lion King

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…and the Lion King

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  1. …and the Lion King The Heroic JourneyThe Journey pattern can help us understand the stories we read, the movies and shows we see, and the experiences that shape our lives.

  2. The Call • The call to adventure is the point in a person’s (or lion’s) life when they are first given notice that everything is going to change. • Example: In “The Lion King” Mufasa explains to Simba about the circle of life. This foreshadows Mufasa’s death.

  3. Refusal of the Call • Often when the call is given, we refuse to heed it. This may be from a sense of duty or obligation, fear, or insecurity. • Example: Simba is afraid that he has killed his father after speaking to his malicious uncle, Scar. Therefore, he runs away from responsibility.

  4. Guardians of the Threshold • The threshold is the interface between the known and the unknown world. Often at the threshold, we encounter people, things, or situations that block our passage. • Example: Scar sends the hyenas to kill Simba.

  5. The Crossing of the Threshold • This is the point where the person actually crosses into the field of adventure, leaving the known limits of his or her world and venturing into the unknown. • Example: At this point, Simba runs away from his kingdom into the desert where he is found by Timon and Pumba.

  6. The Road of Trials • The road of trials is a series of tasks, tests, or ordeals that a person must undergo to begin the transformation. • Example: Simba learns to live like Timon and Pumba. He becomes a vegetarian and lives with “no worries for the rest of [his] days…” Simba leaves behind his own life. Meanwhile, he is turning into an adult lion, and is beginning to resemble his father…and a king.

  7. Supernatural Aid • Once we have committed to the quest, our guide and magical helper appears, or becomes known. Helpers provide assistance or direction. • Example: Rafiki provides supernatural aid to Simba. He acknowledges that Simba is the king when he says “He [Mufasa] lives in you.” Then Mufasa appears to Simba and tells him to “remember who you are”.

  8. Saving Experience or Gift • Before utter destruction, we encounter an experience that saves us from destruction and propels us into our new self. • Example: Nala finds Simba. He must face the reality that his kingdom is in trouble. Simba also falls in love with Nala. “Can you feel the love tonight.”

  9. Revelation/Changes • We experience a sudden, dramatic change in the way we view life. This change in thinking is crucial because it makes us a different person. • Example: Simba realizes that he must return home and take Scar’s place as king.

  10. The Return • We return to everyday life. • Example: Simba returns to his kingdom, fights Scar and becomes king.

  11. Sharing the Gift • Upon our return, we discover our gift. The essence of the return is to contribute to our society. • Example: Simba restores peace and stability in his Kingdom. The Circle of Life continues when Nala and Simba have a baby cub of their own.

  12. Now its your turn • With a partner, determine the Heroic Journey in “the Odyssey”. • Re-read the handout I gave you and use the questions for each step as your guide. • Answer all questions on the “Our Hero, Odysseus” hand-out • You and your partner may share a piece of paper. Just make sure that both of your names are on it. • Hint: The Call to Adventure begins before “The Odyssey” when Odysseus must leave for the Trojan War. (In the movie, Athena appears to him after Telemachus is born.)