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The Lion King

The Lion King

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The Lion King

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  1. The Lion King By Gina Ingoglia 1914 Fiction book

  2. The stars vanished one by one. The moon faded from the cold night sky as the sun arose.

  3. Mufasa is simbas dad, he is the king of the pridelands. He takes great pride as being king. • Simba is mufasas son, once his dada dies he will become king of the pridelands. • Zazu is a bird, he's kind of like mufasas assistant, whatever mufassa needs zazu will do it • Scar is mufasas brother and he is uncle to simba. He is a bad lion, he is mean and selfish. Scar is jealous of simba because once mufasa dies simba will become king and scar dosn't like that, Scar himself want to become king

  4. Scar kills mufasa and becomes king, simba was suppose to be king but Scar told simba to run away and never come back again. That’s how he became but that’s wrong.

  5. Scar and the hyenas are defeated be simba and the pridelands which makes simba the king of the pridelands. Later simba celebrates the birth of his new son.

  6. I loved the book!!! I seen the movie about a month ago or something like that and I loved it just as much as I loved the book!!!

  7. She is vice president of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society. • She is author of more that 80 books for children.

  8. What is the animals name that is jealous of mufasa and simba? • What does Scar tell simba to do when mufasa dies? • What are all 3 names of the hyenas? • How did mufasa die?

  9. Mufasa has a son named simba. Mufasa having a son makes scar mad because if simba was never born, scar would have became king. Scar ends up planning to kill simba and mufasa by a heard of wildebeest. Simba ends up surviving, but not mufasa because he gets killed be the wildebeest. Scar tells simba that he is responsible for his dads (mufasas) death, simba believes what Scar is telling him so he runs away and then scar becomes king of the pridelands.After years have passed and simba has grown, he goes back to the pridelands with the help of Pumba, Timon and Nala and has his final battle with Scar and wins over the pridelands.