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The Lion King

The Lion King

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The Lion King

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  1. The Lion King Assessment Practice Questions

  2. What feature of Scar’s character makes him central to the conflict of the plot?A) his big heartB) his sly trickeryC) his inner strengthD) his sense of humor

  3. Which detail from The Lion King advances the plot by contributing to the rising action?A) learning to eat bugs from TimonB) learning that Scar was behind Mufasa’s deathC) having a baby with NalaD) Simba being introduced to the Prideland

  4. Which detail BEST shows the resolution of The Lion King?A) Nala finding SimbaB) the rain falling while Simba and Scar fightC) introducing Simba’s son to the PridelandD) Scar fighting the hyenas

  5. Which detail BEST shows that Scar is a trickster character? A) He believes he should be king.B) He lives away from the Prideland.C) He hangs out with hyenas. D) He kills Mufasa.

  6. By the resolution of The Lion King Simba has learned a valuable lesson. What word BEST describes the topic of this valuable lesson?A) passions B) responsibilityC) educationD) independence

  7. What makes Simba’s conflict in the movie an external one?A) It happens outside the main setting of the story. B) It is not caused by anything he could have prevented. C) It is not a personal conflict but rather a conflict between his relatives. D) It is caused by an outside force – in this case, Scar.

  8. Which technique does the author use to primarily develop the story and show characterization?A) use figurative languageB) incorporate dialogueC) create settingD) state a clear purpose

  9. B) incorporate dialogue Dialogue is what’s mostly used in a movie.