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  1. Baseball! By-Daniel Nguyen

  2. why is baseball so popular? Baseball is popular because it is considered one of Americas past times. Baseball requires the least amount of physical activity and has close to no action.

  3. What are the famous players in Baseball? Ryan Joseph Braun : born on November 17,1983 age(29)Los angles. Team: Milwaukee brewers. Robinson Jose Cano : born on October 22,1982 age(30)San Pedro de Macrois . Team: New York Yankees Born on August 26,1985 age(27) Murfressboro. Team: Tampa Bay Ray . David Taylor Price: Joey Daniel votto : Born on September 10,1983 age(29) Toronto, Ontario. Team: Cincinnati reds. Justin Brooks Vanlander : Born on February 20,1983 age(30) Manakin , sabot. Team: Detriot Tigers. Michael “ Mike ” Nelson : Born on August 7,1991 age(21) Millville. Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

  4. What is Baseball! Baseball is a very popular sport which involves two teams made up of about nine players. A baseball game is done in what we call baseball field, a very large and open space where there is a ninety-foot square (or diamond) usually located at the bottom of the field. Baseball is often called a bat-and-game where a pitcher throws the baseball as fast and as hard as the baseball player could.

  5. What is the proper pitch in baseball? Step 1:Start standing on the rubber. Step 2: The pitcher is in a good position standing on an angle. Step 3:The pitcher needs to put the ball in the glove. Then he turns to either side and lifts his right leg up to throw the ball at an angle to the player. Step 4: The pitcher just pitches again to let the player try to hit the ball. Wow I might get a home run! I hope the player wont hit the ball!

  6. Why do baseball players get paid in every year they play? It depends when players do good or bad. If the baseball player improves his skills , then the player can get paid or if the players does bad , then they didn't try their best. Then they will not get paid because the player did not improve his skills.

  7. Fun facts about baseball! Baseball is not often comparing players playing their games famous as the national game of USA, but also the national pastime of the country. Much before it touched other parts of the world, the baseball craze first hit America during the mid 1850s. Baseball is played between two teams of nine players each.

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