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5 reasons for anodizing - PPT PowerPoint Presentation
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5 reasons for anodizing - PPT

5 reasons for anodizing - PPT

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5 reasons for anodizing - PPT

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  1. Indaco Coats Aluminium Anodizing | Titanium Anodizing | Indaco Coats

  2. 5 Reasons for Anodizing - PPT

  3. • Anodizing is an electrolytic process where the surface of the metal is oxidised. In this process the metal is placed in a tank full of electrolytic solution and a high voltage current is passed through the tank. This current oxidise the surface of the metal and a thick layer of the oxide is formed. • Aluminium is the majorly used metal for anodizing. there are other metals which are used for anodizing like titanium, magnesium, zinc etc.

  4. Anodizing is a real boon the manufacturing sector. Almost all the manufacturing sector related to metals uses anodizing. anodizing can be makes the surface of the metal harder and attractive and hence it is used in almost all the metal gadgets. In automobile sector, engine manufacturing, space crafts, aeroplanes etc. There are many benefits anodizing to the metal which are as follows

  5. Durability: • in anodizing the surface of the metal get coated with the non-metallic oxide. This prevents the contact of the metal from outside environment, making it more durable and strong

  6. Finishing In the process the metal gets attractive finishing. Surface can either get colour or clear finishing, depending on the need but both looks shiny and attractive

  7. Ease of maintenanceScars and wear from fabrication, handling, installation, frequent surface dirt cleaning and usage are virtually non-existent. Rinsing or mild soap and water cleaning usually will restore an anodized surface to its original appearance. Mild abrasive cleaners can be used for more difficult deposits.

  8. Cost: overall the anodizing helps in cost cutting to the businesses. Once the metal is anodized it hardly needs any maintenance. The life cycle of the metal is increased so the replacement of the metal machinery or any anodized metal is decreased. In the initial anodizing cost bit more than paint but later unlike anodizing paint has to be done again and again frequently.

  9. SafetyUnlike any other coating anodizing is not harmful. Some anodized metals are used in medical equipment and utensils. You will generally find anodized pressure cooker or fry pan in your house. This is one of the greatest advantage of anodized that it can be used in many ways