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Pineapple Eggless Cake Recipe

For vegetarians who love cakes but can’t enjoy because it has eggs in it, here’s how to make an eggless cake, eggless pineapple cake recipe with icing. Original blog posted here on: http://blog.indianbakers.com/eggless-pineapple-cake-recipe/

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Pineapple Eggless Cake Recipe

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  1. contact@indianbakers.com +91 879 388 4455 / 66 Pineapple Eggless Cake Recipe Publisher: Indian Bakers BLOG: blog.indianbakers.com Company: indianbakers.com Buy cake and flower online and get their delivery to your doorstep. We are an online cake shop based in Mumbai, India. We also offer flower delivery services. This is an easy to make Pineapple Eggless Cake recipe. Enjoy this Pineapple Eggless cake with your family and friends. If fresh pineapple is not available you can also use tinned pineapple which is easily available in any super market. Copyright©2015 indianbakers.com

  2. contact@indianbakers.com +91 879 388 4455 / 66 Ingredient For Cake 2 Cups All Purpose Flour 1 ½ Cup Powdered Sugar ¾ Cup Yogurt ½ Cup Butter ½ Cup Water 2 ½ Tsp Baking Powder 1 Tsp Vanilla Essence Salt one pinch For Icing 3 Cup Cream Chilled 1 Cup finely Chopped Pineapple 3 Tbsp Pineapple Syrup ¼ Cup Sugar 1 Tsp Pineapple Essence For Garnish Cherries Pineapple Cubes Method For Cake 1.Sieve the all purpose flour and baking powder twice to mix well and transfer into a mixing bowl. 2.Add salt, sugar, butter, water and vanilla essence. 3.Beat this with beater or spoon till it gets well mixed. 4.Add yogurt to this mixture and blend it again till it becomes very smooth. 5.The batter should look so glossy at this time. 6.Take tins and Grease them with butter and sprinkle all purpose flour. 7.Transfer the batter to the cake tins. 8.Bake this cake for 30 minutes at 160 degrees or until the toothpick inserted inside comes out clean. For Icing 1.Take the cream and sugar in a bowl and whip it with electric mixer till it gets foamed and add pi?eapple esse??e for e?tra fla?or. If ?ou do?’t ha?e ele?tri? ?i?er ?ou ?a? use ?eater. Copyright©2015 indianbakers.com

  3. contact@indianbakers.com +91 879 388 4455 / 66 2.Do not whip it more or it will turn to the butter. Tip: Take a spoon full of whipped cream into it and turn it down if it is fixed to spoon then you icing is ready. 3.When the cake cools down remove its top crust & divide it into 3 equal layers. 4.Now apply pineapple syrup on every layer. It helps to moisture the cake. 5.Now take one layer of cake and apply whipped cream and some finely chopped pineapple pieces on it. 6.Put the second layer of cake on this and repeat the same. 7.Now put final layer of cake and apply whipped cream all over the cake neatly. 8.You can make designs or flowers using a piping bag. 9.Garnish it with pineapple pieces and cherries. Tip: When applying cream dip your knife in cold water and then use, it will give you best effect to spread it smoothly and evenly. For ?egetaria?s ?ho lo?e ?akes ?ut ?a?’t e?jo? ?e?ause it has eggs i? it, here’s ho? to ?ake a? eggless cake, eggless pineapple cake recipe with icing. Hope you enjoyed this Pineapple cake recipe. We will soon be sharing Eggless Chocolate Cake recipe, so keep visiting our blog. Gift your home baked eggless pineapple cake along with a beautiful flower bouquet Cake makes a great gift for just about anyone. Surprise your friends with your home baked pineapple eggless cake and accompany it with a beautiful flower bouquet. If you are looking to send flower bouquet the? ?e ?a? help ?ou order a?d deli?er it! Do?’t ?orr? if ?ou do?’t ha?e e?ough ti?e to ?ake ?our o?? ?ake, ?ou ?a? si?pl? order the pineapple eggless cake from our online cake website. We have a large variety of eggless cakes like chocolate eggless cake , black forest, chocolate truffle, vanilla and so on. This recipe has been shared by our Chef Mr. Vijay Bacche who is a renounced cake chef. You can arrange free delivery of Eggless cakes and beautiful flower bouquets and get it delivered anywhere in India. Copyright©2015 indianbakers.com

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