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  1. Sold By : Summer Larson & Alana Baxley

  2. Textual Evidence (Cruelty) #1 • “Mumtaz draws back, the jaw of the scissors poised at my neck.” “Hold stills ,”she says, her teeth clenched. ”Or ill slice your throat.” pg. 107 • We feel this is cruel because she is about too slice her throat over something so small.

  3. Textual Evidence (Cruelty) #2 • “Each morning and evening Mumtaz comes, beats me with her leather strap, and locks the door behind her.” pg. 109 • We feel this is cruel because she beats her everyday, no matter if she does something wrong, or not. Lakshmi still gets beat.

  4. Textual Evidence (Cruelty) #3 • “Because it means that someone has crossed Mumtaz, that Mumtaz will smear chilies on a stick and put it inside of the girls, and that all of us will be awake through the night, listening to the girl moan.” pg. 257 • This is very inhuman, we believe. Just because it is a very evil thing to do.

  5. Textual Evidence (Cruelty) #4 • “I do not move. Mumtaz flies at me. She grabs me by the hair and drags me across the room. “ pg. 103 • Mumtaz does things in this story that are very rude, and mean and that we don’t feel should be done to young girls.

  6. Textual evidence (cruelty) #5 • “Underneath the weight of him, I cannot see or move or breathe. He fumbles with his pants, and forces my legs apart. I can feel him pushing himself between my thighs. I gasp for air and kick and squirm. “ pg. 103 • She is being forced down by a man probably two times her size and she’s already hurt.

  7. Textual evidence (cruelty) #6 • “I hurt. I am torn and bleeding where the men have been.” pg. 125 • This is cruel because of the Lassi, which takes away her sight, her strength, and her thoughts. She doesn't’t know what's going on until she realizes she is torn, and bleeding.

  8. Textual evidence (Cruelty) #7 • “What I feel next is the gritty sole of her shoe on the side of my head, gently at first, then with steady, gathering force, relentless, building pressure until her full weight is on me.” pg. 259 • Mumtaz almost standing on her face is so evil, and cruel, mostly because Lakshmi is a child.

  9. Textual evidence (Cruelty) #8 • “Then he is on top of me, and something hot and insistent is between my legs. He grunts and struggles to fit himself inside of me.” pg. 120 • This is saying that not only is she hurt emotionally, but physically as well.

  10. Textual evidence (courage/fear)#1 • “A mans voice shouted, ‘police!’” • Anita was running for the kitchen, but when she saw me frozen in place, she came back, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me along with her. pg. 213

  11. Textual evidence(courage/fear)#2 • ““I do not move. Mumtaz flies at me. She grabs me by the hair and drags me across the room. “ pg. 103 • She was fearful because she didn't’t exactly know what to do.

  12. Textual evidence(courage/fear)#3 • “The Lassi has made my brain too hazy to keep track of how many men have been here.” pg. 130 • She tries to forget about all of the men, but also has fear of how many men there have been.

  13. Textual evidence(courage/fear)#4 • “I will grind hot chilies and put them in your private parts.”I shudder, cup my hands over myself, and • She was fearful because she knew putting chilies down there would hurt

  14. Textual evidence(courage/fear)#5 • “I drop the book to the floor and wait for him to pull my hair and rap my knuckles.” pg. 158 • She was fearful that Harish would hurt her.

  15. Textual evidence(courage/fear)#6 • “I see my American. ‘My name is Lakshmi. I am from Nepal. I am fourteen years old.” pg. 268 • She was courageous because she went out to the Americans even though they could’ve hurt her.

  16. Textual evidence(courage/fear)#7 • “She pulls the cook aside, takes her stick, rolls it in the chili powder, and wells around to face me. I fall to the floor kissing her feet and weeping.” pg. 258

  17. Textual evidence(courage/fear)#8 • What is happening I ask. What did she do to deserve this kind of punishment?” says Lakshmi. “That’s what she gets.” says Uncle Husband. Pg. 85 • She was scared of what was happening to the girl being beaten on the streets. She is afraid she will be beaten for a mistake like her.