campus ministry and residence life a match made in heaven n.
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Campus Ministry and Residence Life “A Match Made in Heaven” PowerPoint Presentation
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Campus Ministry and Residence Life “A Match Made in Heaven”

Campus Ministry and Residence Life “A Match Made in Heaven”

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Campus Ministry and Residence Life “A Match Made in Heaven”

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  1. Campus Ministry and Residence Life“A Match Made in Heaven” OASPA/OCPA 2006 February 2, 2006 Joanna Ellwood & Austina McFarland Ohio Dominican University

  2. To contemplate truth and to share with others the fruits of this contemplation. Ohio Dominican University Motto

  3. &

  4. The Naked Roommate & living on a cruise ship…

  5. Key Points • Collaboration • Outreach • Community

  6. Collaboration for Success in Fitzpatrick Hall

  7. Developing Effective Campus and Community Relationships Arthur Sandeen Essential Elements of good campus relations Trustworthy and Honest Being competent Listening and involving Maintaining confidentiality Ensuring effective planning Following Up From The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration

  8. Student Learning Imperative “What are promising strategies for developing collaborative projects between student affairs and other campus and off campus agencies committed to enhancing student learning and personal development?” “…meaningful collaboration with other units is at best serendipitous.” Was it an accident? Intentional attendance Staff meetings Programming Training activities School functions Tag team RA’s & Residents

  9. Creative Outreach Students don’t have interactions with institutions they have encounters and interactions with individuals. Tim Brown 2003

  10. Individual Contact Planting seeds for positive experiences Necessary parts of experience Groups we interact with… RA Staff ODU 100 class Peer Advisors Our professional relationship Individual contact in the building

  11. A Major Part of working with first year students is that they’re not in High School Anymore • Tim Brown 2003 • FYI Annual

  12. Who’s in Charge anyway?

  13. “We should ask College Students not what are you going to do or what do you want to do, But rather what kind of person do you want to become. To start the conversation in a way that will provide some self insight for the student and get him thinking a little bit about who he is and what he indeed might become.” Nevitt Sanford

  14. Community… Are we on Target?

  15. Small Group Discussion

  16. Questions for Discussion Name one instance of collaboration that works at your institution? Do your first year experience programs rely on collaboration? Is it successful or not? Explain. Discuss the most creative collaboration you’ve been involved with. What made it so successful? 4. Do our students notice when we collaborate and when we don’t? 5. What kinds of things do we learn about ourselves professionally when we collaborate with people in our department and outside of our department?

  17. Your Actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying. Brown 2003

  18. Contact Info Austina McFarland 614-253-4829 Campus Minister in Residence Joanna Ellwood 614-251-4712 Assistant Director of Residence Life & Fitzpatrick Hall Director