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Analysing My Film Poster

Analysing My Film Poster. By Liam Meredith. Other Film Posters. In order to create a realistic film poster it is important to deconstruct existing posters to see what common features they all share. Picture of main character. Main Title. Tagline. Billing Block. Production Logos.

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Analysing My Film Poster

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  1. Analysing My Film Poster By Liam Meredith

  2. Other Film Posters • In order to create a realistic film poster it is important to deconstruct existing posters to see what common features they all share

  3. Picture of main character Main Title Tagline Billing Block Production Logos

  4. Main Title Pictures of main characters Billing Block Production Logos

  5. Main Title Picture of main character Tagline Billing Block Production Logos

  6. Title Tag line Billing Block Production Logos

  7. The Actors Names The stars of the films names are displayed above the name of the film. In many Hollywood circles this is considered a great honour and Film Critics argue that it means the actors are bigger than the film itself. Traditionally the ‘bigger’ stars name is on the left. Film posters with no names above the title, or those with more abstract imagery such as cars or explosions, are selling something other than the cast.

  8. The Title The title is portrayed in basic IMPACT font. This is a tactic I have used to incorporate the tag line ‘Effortless cool’ showing that there is no need for extravagant fonts and colours to display the film. The Producers name is above the title but not as bold as the main title in order to show that the film is more important than who is producing it

  9. The Tagline • Consider the tag line or catch phrase. A comedy pitch line will be witty or clever. Action films stress excitement and adrenaline. Films based on novels may tout the original book, while films by successful directors or producers may emphasize their earlier works. I have simply gone for an explanatory tag line to again emphasise the use of effortless cool.

  10. The Release Date (Inset reads in cinemas soon) This is the film's release date on the poster. Many movie campaigns slowly roll out their coverage, and the period of time before the opening may clue you in to how the studio wants you to feel. "Teaser" posters released early in a campaign will often be mysterious or intriguing, intended to entice your curiosity without revealing too much. Posters later in the campaign will be more explicit, possibly revealing details about the plot.

  11. The Production Credits The production credits are a chance for the Producers and studio to get recognition for the film. Often the public will check here to see who else is appearing in the film or who composed the musical score etc.

  12. Certification The certificate of the film is very important as it lets the audience consuming the poster whether or not they are able to go and watch the film. We have followed the BBFC classification and given the film a rating of 15, which also incorporates our target audience of 16-25.

  13. The Actors Expression The Actors expression will often mirror the genre or the title. If it were a horror film there would be a sense of fear or power depending on whether the character was the protagonist or antagonist. The casual look portrayed here by Sam shows a nonchalant view or a cool expression thus representing the title.

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