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Film Poster Evaluation

Film Poster Evaluation. Rianna Day. ‘The Ugly Truth’ – Style Model. Actors names. Film Title. Image. Billing Block. Release Date. Film Title. The BOSS.

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Film Poster Evaluation

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  1. Film Poster Evaluation Rianna Day

  2. ‘The Ugly Truth’ – Style Model Actors names Film Title Image Billing Block Release Date

  3. Film Title The BOSS The purpose of the film title in the position that it is in (the middle of the page) is to direct the audiences attention to the title of the film immediately as they see the poster. By having “Boss” in capitals and in bold font, is to put emphasis on their being a clear separation between the boss and the employee. At this point, the audience do not know which of the two characters is going to be the boss, therefore resulting in them wanting to see the film to find out. By including a white background for the title to cut across the image on the poster, we are ensuring that the title is clear and easily seen by the audience.

  4. Billing Block FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES PRESENTSA J.E.R PRODUCTION JOEL HARRIS RIANNA DAY “The Boss” EDWARD CLARK ROSELISE HODGE NAYA KANANI WITH LUKE JAMES AND NICHOLAS EVANS COSTUME DESIGNER CHARLOTTE WRAITH MUSIC BY NATASHA REYNOLDS AND THE TBSHS MUSICDEPARTMENT EDITORS EDWARD CLARK RIANNA DAY  PRODUCED BY RICHARD WEIR SCREEN PLAYBY RICHARD WEIR  DIRECTED BY EDWARD CLARK The purpose of a billing block is to inform the audience of the studio, producers and all businesses/important people involved in the making of the film. In my billing block, I have used our own production name (J.E.R Productions) and the name of a studio that produces films to be viewed at multiplex cinemas (Fox Searchlight Pictures). I have also incorporated the names of the people in my team and the names of peers involved and what roles they played in the making of our film. The reason for the font that I have used in my billing block (Cambria) is as a result of my poster deconstructions and analysis. Posters incorporate this type of font in their billing block therefore I have tried to find the closest match, ensuring I follow the typical conventions of a poster

  5. Release Date COMING SOON When deciding on when our film should be released, we decided to create an element of suspense for our audience and decided to making our film “Coming Soon”. By using this in place of a release date, we believe that it will keep our audience interested in the film in the hope to find out the exact release date. I incorporated this as I have found through deconstructions of film posters of all genres that they must have a release date be it “Coming Soon” a month/season e.g. Spring 2010 or a specific date. Without this, the audience will not know when the film is to be released therefore will not be interested in seeing it. A film cannot rely on the audience going out of their way to research a film release.

  6. Images The purpose of the images on a poster is to attract the audience to the visual benefits of the poster. Some audiences may be drawn to see a film from the actors that appear in it. If this is the case, it is not necessarily the best idea to merely rely on the audience reading the names of the actors.

  7. Tagline Love Can Make You Blind… The purpose of a tagline is to give a brief indication of the narrative of the film without giving away the entire story line. My tagline is makes it clear that the genre of our film is a love story, however it emphasises that the narrative may have a twist

  8. Actors Names Joel Harris Rianna Day Some audiences are drawn to a film purely by who is acting in its. Individuals have their favourite actors and actresses who they will follow and do their best to see all things that they star in. by incorporating the actors names on my poster, I am persuading the audience by appealing to their likes and dislikes. If an audience was to see the name of an actor that they enjoy seeing on a poster they are more likely to go see the film. This was made clear to me from my pre-production research asking individuals what draws them to see a film.

  9. Certificate It is vital to include a certificate on a film poster. This is to show the audience who the film is mainly targeted to. Having a 12A certificate means that people under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult. After receiving a visit from a representative from the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) I was able to gain a better understanding of what can be included in certain classifications, for example, if the film includes strong language it is likely to be a 15 or in some cases an 18. We chose to make the film a 12A as it is not likely to include any strong language and no violence or nudity.

  10. Reviews Tear-jerkingly Romantic – TotalFilm Magazine - The Guardian By using reviews in my poster, audiences will see that the film is highly recommended by experts. This is another persuasion technique as audiences will feel confident that the film is good quality if it is liked by people that know a good film.

  11. Website www.theboss.co.uk • Including a website in the poster gives audiences an opportunity to visit the website to find out more about the film. The website will include important information about the film and also include ‘fun extras’. These may be a variety of the following: • Games • Behind the scenes • Competitions • Quizzes

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