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Font Analysis of A Film Poster

Font Analysis of A Film Poster. Tom Royston’s A2 Media Research. Twilight Font Analysis.

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Font Analysis of A Film Poster

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  1. Font Analysis of A Film Poster Tom Royston’s A2 Media Research

  2. Twilight Font Analysis The twilight poster has a rather distinctive font, the font, as shown. On the left, has elements of a normal text whilst using elements of abstraction and a unique style. This could be an example of how the film aims to be different from any other film in this genre, and the font itself has a grey tinge to it, this is almost a reflection of the colours that are common throughout the film, and the poster too, the font also has a unique style in terms of the font actually being dragged out a little further this could be a representation of the way in which the “Vampires” skin twinkles like diamonds when exposed to sunlight. This could also have a loose link to the name of the film being twilight, a person would commonly associate twilight being stars and stars glinting could be the look hoping to be achieved by the next here. The text itself actually incorporates elements of horror, which in essence the film does itself, the colour of the font ties in with the dark elements of the film and the poster and package as a whole. The font has sharp edges opposed to being rounded which could show the elements of danger that are present during the film, almost being put “on edge.”

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