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Funding Sources

Funding Sources

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Funding Sources

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  1. Funding Sources

  2. Student Activities Council (SAC) • Primary funding organization on Penn’s campus for undergraduate student groups • SAC recognized groups apply for an annual budget • Can also apply for Contingency Requests for additional funding • When seeking additional funding, SAC board initially approves or disapproves • If board disapproves, group can appeal to the general body • Currently not recognizing new student groups this semester • Funding based on organization’s primary mission as designated by SAC • Does not fund food related costs • More information on

  3. SPEC Co-sponsorship • Connaissance: for speaker events if honorarium exceeds $100. Expenses for honoraria, travel and lodging are commonly funded. • Meets every Tuesday night at 7:30pm • SPEC-TRUM: for groups hosting performance-oriented events serving the multitude of minority interests on campus. • Fully Planned: for event that is ready to go but needs financial assistance to be viable • SPEC Sound: provides, maintains and runs the technical equipment for events (VERY cheap option and free for charitable events) • Website: for common application

  4. Asian American Studies Program (ASAM) ASAM has funding available for academic events such as lectures and speakers Contact Dr. Fariha Khan, ASAM Associate Director ( and complete application which can be found on at least two weeks before event

  5. Academic Departments Most, if not all, academic departments have some funds that they can contribute towards events that directly relate to that department.  Each department may have different procedures and guidelines on funding events and so should be contacted individually.

  6. PAACH • Funding priority given to activities that educate general Penn community about Asian American and Pacific Islander experiences and foster participation somehow • Co-sponsorship form available at the PAACH website • Email application to two weeks before event to Dr. June Chu ( • Funding is on average $50

  7. Fox Leadership Fox Leadership is an organization dedicated to promoting leadership in any form among students.  In the past, Fox Leadership’s Steering Committee has approved co-sponsorships. Website:

  8. Wharton Council Has about $11,000 to distribute to Wharton Council members Groups go through an application process similar to SAC Recognized group are usually pre-professionally focused Kinda stingy on money, more information can be found on

  9. Engineering Student Activities Council(eSAC) ESAC receives about $24,000 annually from the School of Engineering to allocate to member groups.  Member groups automatically receive $200 operation expense and may submit an event proposal form to receive reimbursement for an event. Website:

  10. PRISM's Faith Fund $8,000 fund  events religious in nature and to enhance the presence of Penn’s religious organizations. Maximum funding around $500 Meeting time: biweekly, alternate between Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30PM Contact: Maria Bellantoni and AlokChoksi (

  11. Intercultural Fund (ICF) • Board of six members with reps from APSC, UMB, UMOJA, PCUW, Lambda, and LC • Allocated $35,000 from VPUL • Events must involve meaningful contributions by two or more groups that do not usually interact • So usually groups will be from different coalitions • Not a last source of funding, unlike T-Change • Application form can be found on APSC’s site, email to at least two weeks before event • Meetings held roughly once every two weeks on Tuesday nights • If funding is approved, ICF first funds half the event • Other half is provided upon an evaluation of the event and whether or not funds were appropriately spent, groups will be reimbursed

  12. APSC • Has limited funds available for constituent groups • Collaboration between constituent groups and APSC is highly encouraged • To apply, email me ( for an application • Process involves introducing the event at a board meeting on Monday night (meetings every Monday) • Speaking about the event at the following GBM • Funding is then put up to a vote by your fellow constituents on whether or not to fund the event

  13. T-Change $40,000 fund for collaborative events that promote interaction among disparate audiences Must be hosted by multiple student groups or reach out to different segments of Penn’s undergraduate community Does not fund parties, closed events, speaker’s events, fundraisers, charity or events at which alcohol is present A last resort funding source (i.e. should try SAC, SPEC...etc first) Meeting time: biweekly Monday at 8PM Website: Contact: Cynthia Ip & David Steinhardt (

  14. UA Contingency ~$20,000 absolutely last resort fund for undergraduate student groups Does not fund food (ancillary), charity, partisan, religious events Meeting time: weekly Sunday at 9PM   Website: Contact: Ali Huberlie ( and UA Exec (

  15. Funding Practical Examples Your groups and a group in another minority coalition want to plan a Buddhism speaker event (with food) that features a discussion later Your groups want to hold a Halloween downtown Engineering/Business internship fair focused on Asia with a panel Mental health awareness campaign

  16. Things to Keep in Mind • Break down the costs + cost estimation • What funding sources could you apply for and why? • How much would you ask from each? • In what order? • For which costs?