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Introduction to Email PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Email

Introduction to Email

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Introduction to Email

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  1. Introduction to Email

  2. What is Email? • Email is electronic mail that allows users to send messages and files (pictures, documents, etc) to another person • To send and receive email, you must have: 1. Have an email account 2. Be connected to the Internet 3. Know the email address(es) of those to whom you want to send email messages

  3. Structure of an Email Address • 1) A unique username of user ID (no two people can have an identical user ID) • 2) @ - this is the symbol for ‘at’. It is the middle of the address. You can type this symbol by holding shift and pressing the number ‘2’ on the top of your keyboard • 3) A site name or domain name. This identified who is the provider of your email account. Most end with “.com” Example:

  4. Types of Email Providers • 1) Email accounts provided through your internet service provider (AOL, Netzero) • 2) FREE Email service providers which provide basic email accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail)

  5. Creating Email User ID’s • They must be unique, most email providers have a link or button that can be used to check a chosen ID to see if it already exists with their service • They cannot contain spaces. For empty spaces, you can use the underscore (“_”) which is accessed by holding the shift key and pressing the button between the number zero and the plus sign at the top of your keyboard • Email addresses do not distinguish between capital and small case letters

  6. Creating a FREE email account • Open your Internet Explorer web browser and type the following web address into your address bar: • To the left, find the link for which reads ‘mail’ and left click that link • Left click the link that reads “Sign up for Yahoo”

  7. Creating a FREE Email Account

  8. Creating a FREE Email Account

  9. Creating a FREE Email Account

  10. Creating a FREE Email Account

  11. Creating a FREE email account

  12. Email Interface Click here to write an email Left click one of these links to access your messages

  13. Your Inbox

  14. Your message

  15. Composing amessage The email address of the recipient is typed here The subject of the email is typed here Click here to attach files to your email (word documents, pictures, etc..) Your text or messages is typed here