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  2. Introduction Each day you will have a quote in which you will need to explain your thoughts on. Also attached to some quotes are questions in which you will answer that go along with the quote. Minimum of two sentences.

  3. QUOTE # 1 Just like a garden that flourishes best under certain conditions, your life operates more smoothly when the emotional climate is well thought out. How can you make your life less stressful?

  4. QUOTE #2 The creation of an emotional climate has more to do with your inner preferences than your external environment. Try to keep unnecessary rushing around to a minimum. What in your life do you rush through that you think would be better if done slower?

  5. QUOTE #3 Give yourself an extra ten minutes to get yourself and your family to your appointments. How can learning to arrive ten minutes early help you in the workplace?

  6. QUOTE #4 When you’re done with one activity, leave a little earlier for the next one. Try to schedule your activities, work, play, and everything else a little further apart. In the future, can this help you get your job done more effectively? Explain.

  7. QUOTE #5 You may indeed be a very busy person, but remember that filling your head with thoughts of how overwhelmed you are only exacerbates the problem by making you feel even more stressed than you already do. What are some ways to organize your thoughts so you don’t get overwhelmed?

  8. QUOTE #6 Relationships can be challenging enough without the added burden of keeping past issues alive and vibrant in your mind. Do you think that you should keep bringing up past issues, not mention them at all or something in between? Explain.

  9. QUOTE #7 If one of your goals is to be of help to others, you will find the most appropriate ways. What is one way that you help others?

  10. QUOTE #8 Happy people know that regardless of what happened yesterday, last month, years ago—or what might happen later today, tomorrow, or next year—now is the only place where happiness can actually be found and experienced. What will you do today that will make you happy?

  11. QUOTE #9 Children intuitively understand that life is a series of present moments, each meant to be experienced wholly, one right after another, as if each one is important. Do you live everyday this way? Explain.

  12. QUOTE #10 Its helpful to realize and admit that, often, the fantasy of something different is a lot better than the reality of something different. Do you look forward to trying new things or do you like to keep things the way you know them?

  13. QUOTE #11 Instead of distracting yourself with thoughts of what or would be better, see if you can find a way to make your life you’re already in as good as it can be. How can you stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts?

  14. QUOTE #12 Turn up the heat by becoming kinder and more generous. You become less critical, stubborn, and judgmental. List 5 things you can do to be a kinder person.

  15. QUOTE #13 Appreciate what you have now and you’ll probably discover that the grass isn’t always greener. What would you change in your life?

  16. QUOTE #14 A sense of calm comes over you when you cease needing all the attention directed toward yourself and instead allow others to have the glory. When should there be times when you don’t want to steal someone’s thunder?

  17. QUOTE #15 The next time someone tells you a story or shares an accomplishment with you, notice your tendency to say something about yourself in response. What can you do in that situation so you don’t interrupt them?

  18. QUOTE #16 Although all acts of kindness are inherently wonderful, there is something even more magical about doing something thoughtful but mentioning it to no one, ever. Give an example.

  19. QUOTE #17 The next time you do something really nice for someone else, keep it to your self and revel in the abundant joy of giving. Is that something you would enjoy doing or do you have to tell someone and why?

  20. QUOTE #18 Your job is to try to determine what the people in your life are trying to teach you. Who is or was your favorite teacher and why?

  21. QUOTE #19 Maybe you need to learn about compassion—how hard it would be to have a job that you don’t like. Or perhaps you could learn a little more about being patient. How would you feel if you had to work at a job you hated for the next 35 years?

  22. QUOTE #20 There’s an enormous difference between an occasional venting session where you’re letting off steam, versus making venting an integral part of your regular communication. Explain how you can learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

  23. QUOTE #21 Most of us like to vent, at least once in a while. Is this wrong? Why or why not?

  24. QUOTE #22 Remind yourself that it’s okay that we’re all a little different. What is different about you that you like?

  25. QUOTE #23 A good percentage of us engage in the negative habit of putting ourselves down and/or being overly self-critical. List 10 things you like about yourself.

  26. QUOTE #24 Avoid the words; I love you, in the workplace…. Why?

  27. QUOTE #25 It seems many of us want to be sure that people in our lives understand how difficult our lives really are. Is your life really that difficult?

  28. QUOTE #26 The act of thinking about and discussing the negative events of the day is tantamount to re-experiencing them. How can you make things worse by thinking about them?

  29. QUOTE #27 When it comes to minor everyday irritations, keep in mind that we all have our own little quirks. What drives you crazy about other people and how will you deal with this in the workplace?

  30. QUOTE #28 Whatever issues you are working on, know that one of the worst things you can do is to berate yourself with self-criticism. What do you think of people who put themselves down?

  31. QUOTE #29 We need to take actual time every day to think about and express gratitude for the important role our homes play in our lives. When would be your ideal time to do this and why?

  32. QUOTE #30 Fill your office with evidence of love-the artwork of children, fresh-cut flowers, beautiful poetry on your wall, or photos of your loved ones. What do you think could help you be more productive at work?

  33. QUOTE #31 Whenever we think more about what we don’t have than about what we do have, we create a gap between what we have and want. How can you prevent this from happening?

  34. QUOTE #32 Keep your attention fully in the present moment and simply make the decision to do the very best you can in every given situation. Why is this so difficult to do?

  35. QUOTE #33 Its pleasant, even peaceful, to deal with life when your mind isn’t filled up and overwhelmed with thoughts of how you could be doing better. How could you prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed at work?

  36. QUOTE #34 The next time you’re feeling a little uptight at work, try to imagine that a stranger is taking notes on your behavior. Would you be proud of what they say?

  37. QUOTE #35 Your outer world—your environment, the noise level relative calm or chaos in your life—is usually a reflection of your inner world, the degree of peace and equanimity you experience in your mind. Do you like peace and quiet in your life?

  38. QUOTE #36 We are all certain to experience challenges in our lifetimes. The mystery for each of us is which ones will be ours. Do you think there are others with more problems than you have?

  39. QUOTE #37 Dealing with our challenges on a daily basis is no different from climbing a mountain one step at a time. You can handle any situation that appears to be an obstacle if you take it one step at a time, keeping your attention here, now. List some tips for dealing with difficult situations.

  40. QUOTE #38 Don’t contemplate the future; don’t dwell on the past. During challenging times, we need all our resources available to us, and our thinking gets cloudy and unclear if we wander to past or future concerns. What can you do when you start to dwell in the past?

  41. QUOTE #39 Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Whatever the challenge, who will be able to face it, one step at a time. Do you have the power to change the world? How?

  42. QUOTE #40 When we are filled with kind feelings, we put ourselves in a position to attract kindness. What random act of kindness have you done lately?

  43. QUOTE #41 You can express kindness with pets, volunteerism, nature, a good cause, even hobbies. Do you have pets, if so do they calm you?

  44. QUOTE #42 Start the day with happiness, live the day with happiness, end the day with happiness. How might your attitude towards your day improve your week?

  45. QUOTE #43 Never, ever take your friend or significant other for granted. Appreciation is something you have 100 percent control over. Have you ever lost a friend or significant other, because you took them for granted?

  46. QUOTE #44 In a way, our minds are like the toys that kids love- the ones that have pretend snow when you shake them. As we sit quietly, doing nothing, our minds have a chance to settle- to calm down, rest, and become re-inspired. What activities do you do as methods of relaxation?

  47. QUOTE #45 Most of us are so busy doing things, regretting other things, rushing around and planning for other moments, that it sometimes seems as if we lose sight of the moment we are really in- this one. What important moments in your life do you wish you would have spent more time enjoying?

  48. QUOTE #46 Ask yourself the question, “will this matter a year from now”. Do you really think that things that happened in high school will matter years from now?

  49. QUOTE #47 There are many periods of transition in a long-term friendship. Can you recall any time in your life that you fought with a friend, because your life choices were leading you in two different directions?

  50. QUOTE #48 When you make the assumption that a transition is going to take time, it seems to take the urgency, as well as much of the frustration, out of the picture. What are some changes you had to get used to when you started working?