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Peacock Colors Personality Profile PowerPoint Presentation
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Peacock Colors Personality Profile

Peacock Colors Personality Profile

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Peacock Colors Personality Profile

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  1. Peacock Colors Personality Profile

  2. Directions: Listen and follow along as I read each question. Color in one peacock feather to match the color of your answer choice:orange, green, blue, or gold (yellow).

  3. I like to……. • make fast decisions • think about questions people usually don’t ask • show concern for the needs of others • have others depend on me

  4. 2.The best way for someone to show me they love me is….. a. to surprise me with something b. to let me be myself c. to spend time with me d. to do the things I’ve asked them to do

  5. 3. With my friends, I like….. a. excitement, doing different things b. independence and not being influenced by them c. love and understanding d. being in charge

  6. 4. I like to…. a. do things my own way b. show how smart I am c. help people get along together d. be responsible and dependable

  7. 5. You can count on me to show…. a. courage, trying new things b. how smart I am c. understanding d. responsibility

  8. 6. When I look at things around me I like to see….. a. excitement, fun b. to know the reasons why/ explanations c. people getting along d. things in the right places, in order

  9. 7. People who know me would say I am…. a. adventurous and competitive b. smart c. emotional and sensitive d. responsible

  10. 8. I need to be….. a. active b. thinking c. with people d. in control

  11. 9. When I am feeling discouraged, I usually …. a. become disobedient and rude b. withdraw or become sarcastic c. cry or feel sad d. feel sorry for myself or act bossy

  12. 10. When I am in a group of friends, I usually…. a. have fun and enjoy it b. talk quietly with one or two people c. make sure others are happy, accepted and having a good time d. pitch in and do what is needed

  13. Blue: • Known to be a good listener • Very loyal • Is a peacemaker and cares for others • Wants people to get along well together • Wants to be accepted by others • Puts a lot of trust in his/her feelings about things • Gold: • Is very dependable and responsible • Likes to be prepared • Organizes things • Likes to be in control of situations • Likes to feel know what is happening • Puts a lot of trust in authority and tradition • Green: • Very objective and discovers new ideas • Able to figure things out • Likes to learn • Good at research amd problem solving • Likes to be thought of as smart • Puts a lot of trust in facts and logic • Orange: • Likes to have fun and take risks • Is brave in trying new things • Has lots of energy • Needs to be free and spontaneous • Likes to see results for what he/she has done • Puts a lot of trust in their impulses (sudden urge or wish to do something)