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PowerPoint - The Basics PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerPoint - The Basics

PowerPoint - The Basics

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PowerPoint - The Basics

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  1. PowerPoint - The Basics Theresa Sama UCLA/Crump Institute

  2. Useful Resources & References • Effective Presentations - • PowerPoint and Beyond - • PowerPoint Tutorials - • B. LeVitus, D. Shadovitz, E. Jones, D. Sutton. Office 98 Bible. Foster City, CA: IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. 1998 • Microsoft Corp. Microsoft PowerPoint 98: Macintosh edition. 1998

  3. Introduction Delivering your presentations effectively involves using a proven four-step process: 1. Plan 2. Prepare 3. Practice 4. Present Follow these guidelines and you and your message will have high impact on your audiences.

  4. Setting up your presentation On-screen Show or Output to 35mm Slides File  Page Setup NOTE: It is important to size your slides appropriately prior to inserting any images into your presentation. If not, this will result in distorted images.

  5. Getting around in PowerPoint Slide view- The slide as it will appear in your presentation Outline view - Overall organization of the text Slide sorter view - Arranging, adding and ordering slides Notes page view - Create notes for the presenter Slide show - Fills the screen, View the presentation effects

  6. Using the toolbars Standard Formatting Drawing NOTE: Hold the cursor over any item on a toolbar without clicking and a “tip” will pop up and tell you what it is.

  7. Move the pointer to the object that you want the command to act on • Press and hold down the Control key • Click the mouse Shortcut menus PowerPoint provides shortcut menus so you can perform different commands without having to use the pull-down menu. Shortcut menus can save lots of time.

  8. Opening, saving, and closing presentations • Opening - File  Open or click the Open button on the Standard toolbar • Saving - File  Save or click the Save button on the Standard toolbar • Closing - File  Close or click the close box in the top-left corner of the presentation’s window NOTE: You can open and work with multiple presentations simultaneously. As you open each presentation, its name is added to the bottom of the Window menu.

  9. Creating a new presentation • Choose File  New • Choose a presentation format • Choose a layout NOTE: You can also create a template using the design of another presentation. Choose Format  Apply Template/Design and choose the presentation from which you want to borrow the design.

  10. Entering and editing text • Outline view is excellent for editing text because it enables you to see the overall content of your presentation while you are editing the text View Outline or by clicking the Outline view button • Slide view also provides an easy way to edit text, and it provides a good opportunity to see an individual slide’s appearance View Slide or by clicking the Slide view button

  11. Bulleted lists • From Slide view, choose Format  Slide Layoutand choose the Bulleted List layout (2nd layout shown in dialog box) • Enter a list of text • Or, you can select the bulleted list from the formatting toolbar NOTE: When View Ruler is checked from the menu, you can drag the bottom indent marker in the ruler to the right. Notice that the bottom marker moves the text away from the bullets, and the top marker moves the bullets away from the text. You can use this to set indentations.

  12. Using a character as a bullet • Choose the paragraph with the bullet that you want to change • Choose Format  Bullet to open the Bullet dialog box • From the list, select the character that you want to use as your bullet • You can also change the font, color and size of the character or bullet

  13. Working with slides and moving between slides • Inserting new slides • Adding all slides from a previous presentation • Adding selective slides from a previous presentation • Rearranging slides • Changing the slide layout

  14. Inserting new slides • Choose the slide which you want the new slide to follow • Choose Insert  New Slide or keyboard shortcut -M (MAC) or ctrl-M (PC) • New Slide dialog box appears. Choose the slide layout you want and click OK

  15. Adding all slides from a previous presentation • Open the presentation to which you want to add the slides • Choose the place where you want to insert the slides (new slides will appear after the chosen slide) • Choose Insert Slides from file and find the previous presentation • Click the Insert button NOTE: The inserted slides take on the look of the presentation in which they are inserted.

  16. Adding selected slides from a previous presentation • Open both presentations (previous and new), then go to View Slide Sorter • Copy chosen slides from the previous presentation  C (MAC) or ctrl C (PC) • Switch to new presentation by either clicking on the open window or by using the “Window” menu • Paste into new presentation  V (MAC) or ctrl V (PC) NOTE: To select more than one slide, press and hold the Shift key while you select the slides or click and drag over slides to select a group of slides.

  17. Rearranging slides Outline View: 1. Click the icon for the slide that you want to move 2. Drag the icon up or down in the outline Slide Sorter view: 1. Select the slide you want to move 2. Drag the slide to its new location

  18. Changing the slide layout 1. Choose the slide you want to change 2. Choose Format  Slide Layout 3. In the Slide Layout dialog box, choose the layout you want to apply to the slide and click Apply

  19. How can I format titles and text for entire presentations? NOTE: When changes are made in the Slide Master, they are applied to the entire presentation. Sometimes you might want to make formatting changes to the entire presentation, whether those changes are for the text or for the layout of your slides. Choose View  Master  Slide Master

  20. In addition, Departmental slide templates and Clip-art are available on Pharm-NT3 at the following server location: MAC - Apple/Chooser/AppleShare/A5D LBES/Pharm-NT3/ Pharm Common/User Education/PowerPoint PC - Network Neighborhood\\pharm-nt3\pharm common\ User Education\PowerPoint Slide templates Use templates to apply a chosen group of styles, colors, and fonts to the slides you are working with. PowerPoint comes with over 150 different templates.

  21. Applying a PowerPoint presentation as a template • Create the presentation exactly the way you want it with all the formatting and objects • Next, choose File  Save As. In the Save As dialog box, choose Presentation Template

  22. How to make changes tothe slide template View/Master/Slide Master • Click on the yellow horizontal line below • Move the mouse over the line until the cursor turns into a double arrow • Click and drag on the edit points (to maintain a perfectly straight line, hold down the shift key before clicking the mouse) Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging

  23. In Slide view, display the slide where you want to add the clip-art Choose Insert  Picture, and then choose Clip Art Click the desired image Click the Insert button to place the clip-art in the slide Adding clip-art

  24. Moving and resizing clip-art • After the clip-art appears in the slide, you can click it to select it. Then hold down the mouse button and drag it to the location you want • You can resize clip-art by clicking one of the sizing handles and dragging to the desired size NOTE: To maintain the image’s proportions, press the “Shift” key while you click and drag one of the corner handles.

  25. Building your own presentation • Topic • Choose a design that best fits your topic • Use Slide Master to set the overall appearance and layout • Create a bulleted list and select a color for the bullets • Add clip-art • Present your Slide Show!

  26. Enhancing a Presentation Working with Objects Working with Charts PowerPoint and the Web Coming soon…..PowerPoint - Advanced Features

  27. The End! Please take an extra minute to complete the following survey from any web browser at the location listed below. published_pages/314_pages/welcome_page.html Thank you!