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  1. BIODIVERSITY What is biodiversity? It is the variety of all the different living things and their homes on the planet

  2. Why do we need Biodiversity? The natural world is very complex, with many intricate relationships between species and habitats. We refer to them as food webs and food chains or eco systems. The plants and animals rely in many ways on those on either side of them.

  3. Biological diversity is important because of the way these relationships can combine to provide yet more variation in the living world. Any human activity that diminishes this 'bio - diversity' could therefore impoverish our own quality of life, reduce the resources available to us and ultimately jeopardise the survival of our descendants.

  4. WHY IS BIODIVERSITY IMPORTANT? An Earth rich in wildlife is a sign that it is a healthy planet for us to live on too When we pollute the air, water and soil, we risk destroying biodiversity

  5. WHY IS BIODIVERSITY IMPORTANT? Trees make oxygen for us to breath. Plants need insects for pollination. Animals and birds need to eat plants. Some animals need to eat the animals that eat the plants! But most importantly everything we use comes from nature!

  6. 3 THREATS TO BIODIVERISTY Habitat Destruction Pollution Alien species Who causes all of these threats? WE DO!!

  7. BIODIVERSITY, EXTINCTION & HUMANS Humans have caused the extinction of many species. The Irish Wolf 250 years ago The Large Blue Butterfly 25 years ago All these once lived in Ireland and are now gone for ever.

  8. BIODIVERSITY IN NORTHERN IRELAND We can learn about biodiversity by finding out about different types of wildlife homes The special word for a home is a HABITAT

  9. NORTHERN IRELAND’S HABITATS The creatures found in different habitats have adaptedto live there. Plants that live near the sea have adapted to live in sandy soil and with salty water sea spray. E.g. Sea Thrift.

  10. BIODIVERSITY IN NORTHERN IRELAND To learn about our biodiversity in Northern Ireland, we can sort creatures out into their different habitats.

  11. SOME TYPICAL NORTHERN IRISH HABITATS These are some habitats you might be familiar with? Habitats can be very small like a pond or very big like a wood. A river habitat A wood habitat A pond habitat A sandy shore habitat A rocky seashore habitat A mountain habitat A bog habitat A garden habitat A farm habitat

  12. SOME SPECIAL CREATURES OF NORTHERN IRELAND All these creatures need their homes protected

  13. PROTECTING HABITATS Some habitats in Northern Ireland are in danger. The Ulster Wildlife Trust and other conservation groups, help to protect habitats in Northern Ireland.

  14. PROTECTING HABITATS The Ulster Wildlife Trust helps to protect habitats in danger.

  15. PROTECTING HABITATS You to can help protect our wildlife too! • Find out about your country’s wildlife 2.Provide food/birds & red squirrel feeders 3. Make homes/ bird or bumble bee boxes.