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American Poet | Nick LeForce | Powepoint Presentation

This is the powerpoint presentation of the famous author, Nick Leforce also well known as the transformational poet. You will be able to read samples of his poetry, follow his events, and stay updated with his latest work.

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American Poet | Nick LeForce | Powepoint Presentation

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  2. AboutMe: I had written poetry for years and printed seven little books of poetry, mainly for family and friends, I still did not think of myself as a poet. I thought of myself as an NLP Practitioner and trainer, as a Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy teacher, as a Life Coach and teacher of coaches. I’ve read my poems at workshops in China, Malaysia, Australia, Mexico, and across the United States to introduce a training topic, stimulate discussion, or evoke a particular experience. Even though reading poetry became my signature, a unique quality in my training, I still did not think of myself as a poet. Poetry was always the added piece in training, never the centerpiece. But it was the place I poured my heart and soul.  The place where I felt I was most aligned with my mission and most clear in my message. In January 2012, I stood before a mastermind group and declared, “I am a poet.” I went on to say that poetry is the language of the soul, a language that touches people at the core, and that transforms lives. That mastermind group gave birth to the Transformational Poet! It has been a long journey to the full realization that poetry, to me, is not just the language of the soul, it is the language of my soul.

  3. Hire Me Today!!! • Every one needs tactics, motivating and guiding stepsand you can now hire me for the special services below . • Coaching service. • Speaking. • Training. • See how coaching/training might help you achieve your dreams and help you on your path of personal growth. I invite you to contact me.

  4. Training : • I have had the privilege, over 30 years, to teach and train thousands of people to learn and apply specific behavioral skills and competencies and to develop powerful mindsets that allow them to  • Manage themselves   • Develop high-quality relationships,  • Take consistently action toward goals,  • Work together in teams • Motivate and manage individuals and groups • Lead and inspire others

  5. Training ( Cont.) : • I’ve conducted full certification programs in Neuro -Linguistic Programming (Practitioner, Master, and Trainer levels) and in Hypnotherapy (American Council of Hypnotist Examiner approved programs) as well as tailored programs for organizations on a wide range of topics, including: • Stress and time management. • Team building. • Leadership. • Conflict resolution. • Employee Engagement. • Supervisory Skills for the 21st Century

  6. Speaking : As a speaker, I believe in the power of words to touch and transform the lives of others. I love to weave poetry and storytelling into my 30 years of experience in the field of human communication and personal transformation to deliver presentations that are powerful and empowering, profound yet playful, and practical in serving the purpose or agenda for the meeting or event. 

  7. Coaching: I believe coaching goes to the heart of matter in your life, whether it’s through the simple, but profound, process of choosing your goals and acting consistently towards them or the deeper work of personal transformation to find and bring your purpose and passion to life. Coaching is the tool of choice for living a conscious and creative life, and cultivating a rich and meaningful life. As a coach, my goal is to see and bring out the best in you; to encourage, inspire, and challenge you; to connect you with your core and what you love in life; and to help you reach for your dreams and find fulfillment in the journey along the way.

  8. Recently Published Books “Heaven In Our Hearts: Selected Poems.” (2012) Product Details : Paperback: 100 pages Publisher: Inner Works Press (September 1, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10: 0982116691 ISBN-13: 978-0982116692

  9. Recently Published Books “I Owe You, You Owe Me: Breaking free from the shackles of emotional debt and creating abundant relationships ”(2007) Product Details: Paperback: 174 pages Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (January 5, 2006) Language: English ISBN-10: 0595364543 ISBN-13: 978-0595364541

  10. ContactMe: Phone Number: +1 530-693-4234 Website : Email : Facebook : Twitter :

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