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Didier LUX Airbus SVP Quality

Didier LUX Airbus SVP Quality. IAQG & Airbus Supply Chain Management. With mandatory achievements. Sustainable profitability. Aiming to. Delight the end Consumers. Market Outlook. Context . Competitiveness, Globalisation Passenger Growth Forecast, low fare, … .

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Didier LUX Airbus SVP Quality

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  1. Didier LUX Airbus SVP Quality IAQG & Airbus Supply Chain Management Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  2. With mandatory achievements Sustainable profitability Aiming to Delight the end Consumers Market Outlook Context Competitiveness, Globalisation Passenger Growth Forecast, low fare, … Committed to Safety & Quality Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  3. Reliability Better systems design, Operational reliability performance for airlines / passengers, no ATC/ATM induced delays, … Comfort New fuselage design, wider cabin, seats, cabin air quality, more Comprehensive service, … Safety Improved man machine interface, improved active and passive safety features, … Trends & Factors shaping future Development (1/2) Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  4. and Affordability Human factors Capacity, Travel time, Environment… Reduced cost of manufacturing / operations, cost of ownership for airlines, … Ensure effective and reliable Human Performance, … Trends & Factors shaping future Development (2/2) Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  5. Quality Principles BE CUSTOMER MINDED, up-to the PASSENGERS • SET THE STANDARDS Clearly define the standards to be met in all areas of the business. • AUDIT & MEASURE Verify that actual performance is, in facts, meeting the standards set. • IMPROVE Improve performance continuously, first to meet the standards, then to improve the standards themselves. Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  6. Therefore Airbus Supports IAQG initiatives, e.g. 9100 Series OPS Certification, Special Process Certification (Nadcap / Nucap), … and IAQG Standards & Deployment Global standards & regulations are essential for efficient operations in the global aviation system and market • Adopts them internally (Airbus EN9100 certification received) • Requests their implementation, as the basic mandatory minima Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  7. Airbus Supply Chain Quality Improvement Programme IAQG Standards IAQG - OPS Sourcing eSupplyChain People Ownership Commitment Collaboration Quality Standardisation PRI Nadcap / Nucap General Reqts in Development Operate Robust Processes Lead the Change and develop further Meet Customer demands at lower cost Improve continuously Corrective, Improvement, Development, process Value Stream Mapping Lean Supply Chain Set Targets/KPIs for PPM & OTD, Measure Correct, Improve Lean & JIT Implementation Value of product & services Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  8. Closed Set Standards Set Standards Set Standards TIER 2 SUB-TIERS Loop Improve Improve Improve Measure Measure Measure TIER 1 Supplier For customer Delivery & Support Airlines Supply Chain O T D O T D O T D Rejection Rejection Rejection Satisfaction Achievements Multi-Tier involvement and Management Building Quality from Sub-Tier for final Customer satisfaction Continuous improvement through closed loop performance monitoring Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  9. Risk analysis (9134), QMS Requirements (9100 series), Process control (9103, …) and Certification (OPS) embedded all along the Supply Chain Process Development Phase: Supplier Selection / Approval Process Product Qualification Process Integration of IAQG in Supply Chain Management Q.S • Series Production Phase: • Supplier continuous assessment / performance review and control change management. Strong Supply Chain Management Better Sourcing Gain visibility Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  10. Achieve Performance, Cost & Delay : Quality Improving Product & Services value All Supply chain to focus on : Customers needs Integrated processes approach Share best practices Added value Measurements Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  11. And never forget No matter how good we are today, Our goal is to be be even better tomorrow Working together, closely To delight our CUSTOMER, we expect from our Supply Chain : Real Partnership & Involvement (Extended enterprise) Full commitment Ownership Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

  12. Thank you ! Questions ? Amsterdam General Assembly Forum

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