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Wide Area Workflow Frequently Asked Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Wide Area Workflow Frequently Asked Questions

Wide Area Workflow Frequently Asked Questions

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Wide Area Workflow Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. TRICARE Management Activity HEALTH AFFAIRS Wide Area WorkflowFrequently Asked Questions

  2. Introduction • A number of questions come up repeatedly regarding Wide Area Workflow-Receipt And Acceptance (WAWF) • We will attempt to answer some of the most noteworthy questions • After this session, this presentation will be emailed to attendees. • Please keep it handy for future reference! • Audience participation is encouraged

  3. Question What’s new with TMA’s implementation of WAWF?

  4. Answer • WAWF will soon be use by all TMA offices processing receiving reports for contracts awarded by DoD • Paper receiving reports are no longer authorized • WAWF is more tightly integrated into task order templates (paragraph 3.4) • WAWF is addressed in the cover memo required for all new contracts / task orders • The TPS WAWF On-Ramp Guide provides additional guidance for bringing new contracts on-line for invoicing/receiving report processing:

  5. Question Since each Task Order Template now requires a complete WAWF location code in paragraph 3.4, what is my office’s WAWF Location Code?

  6. Answer • Within TMA, WAWF location code consists of two parts • DoDAAC: HT0003 (three zeros) • Extension: (unique for each TMA office) • Up till now Location Codes were made up as needed • To cover the final leg of TMA WAWF implementation, a new approach was needed • Mapping organization-wide Location Code Extensions • See • If your office does not have a Location Code Extension, contact the TMA GAM

  7. Question How do I register to use WAWF?

  8. Answer • WAWF Registration Options • Self Registration (preferred) • Self Registration Instructions: • Beforehand you need to know: • 1) Your prospective WAWF Role • 2) Your office’s WAWF Location Code • Assisted Registration • If you need on-site assistance, please contact the TMA WAWF GAM • Jack Perry (703-681-1115) or

  9. Question My password no longer works. How do I reset it?

  10. Answer Utility to Self-Reset your password 1) Go to the WAWF production web site ( 2) Click on Logon to WAWF (Registered user only) 3) Click OK (on the don't use browser back button warning window) 4) Click Reset Password 5) Enter your User ID 6)Enter Location Code (for all TMA users enter: HT0003; leave the extension field blank) 7) Click Submit 8) After you do this you will receive a system-generated e-mail giving you a new one-time-use password 9) After logging in with this one-time password, you will have to re-create a personal password

  11. Question I want to change my login from User ID to DoD CAC. How do I do that?

  12. Answer Switching Login Preference from User ID to DoD CAC 1) Go to the WAWF production web site ( 2) Logon to WAWF (Click on Logon link for Registered user only) 3) Click OK (on the don't use browser back button warning window) 4) Enter User ID & Password 5) Click on “My Profile Maintenance” link on the side menu 6) Click on the Pencil icon under Login section 7) Select DoD Common Access Card option & Click Submit 8) Click Yes (on computer search for CAC card message window) 9) Click on non-email certificate option (on pop-up window) 10) After certificate option is selected, click Submit 11) Read the Statement of Assurance and check the box. 12) Click Submit

  13. Question I am an active Acceptor and my contractor wants to begin using WAWF. What instructions do I provide them?

  14. Answer • Vendors are responsible for establishing their own WAWF accounts • • Vendor Training: • It is a TMA COR/Acceptor responsibility to tell vendors how to properly route WAWF documents • Vendor Instructions (Invoice as 2 in 1) • Provide guidance to your vendors via e-mail • • Necessary e-mail attachments • 2 in 1 Info Sheet: • Screen Shot:

  15. Question I am an active Acceptor. If I get an e-mail notice, does that mean I am required to review and accept this WAWF document?

  16. Answer • Not necessarily… • You are likely to have multiple Acceptors sharing the same WAWF Location Code • More than one person may be notified when a WAWF document is submitted • Primary and alternate default e-mail addresses • Vendor may manually add any e-mail to addressee list • Insure that the contract/order on the notification e-mail is yours to review and accept

  17. Question Does a requirement exist for a second Government "Reviewing Official" to approve receiving reports using the LPO role?

  18. Answer • The requirement for a second "Reviewing Official" to approve receiving reports using the LPO role has been rescinded. • • TMA policy now requires review by only one Government official prior to sending receiving reports to DFAS • Streamlines the review/approval process • Reduces interest charges assessed to TMA under the Prompt Payment Act

  19. Question The status of one of my documents is showing as “Suspended” What does this mean? ?

  20. Answer • DFAS is using a new status indicator of "Suspended" in addition to that of "Processed" • Suspended means that action could not automatically be passed to the proper pay system (CAPS, etc.) • DFAS pay office must do a manual review of this transaction to determine the proper course of action • If they are able to process it manually, they do so and the status changes to "Processed" • One cause: Pay office DoDAAC change from HQ0105 to HQ0347

  21. Question What role can my support contractor personnel play?

  22. Answer • Due to OCI concerns TMA non-purchased care support contractors are not given access to WAWF accounts • Support contractor personnel may act as “Traffic Cop” to help move WAWF documents through TMA • Use contractor’s TMA e-mail as Default E-mail Address • Contractor then receives system generated WAWF notices • Contractor maintains a list of Acceptors and assigned contracts • Contractor notifies/reminds appropriate Acceptor of document requiring their action • Never disclose or allow others to use your WAWF password!

  23. Question I just got a COMBO document. How can I approve it when there is nowhere for me to sign?

  24. Answer • A COMBO format is used for items such as supplies, equipment or other tangible things • A COMBO document is really two documents that are associated • Invoice (which goes immediately to DFAS) • Receiving report (which requires TMA action) • To accept a COMBO document you must click on the Shipment Number • You will be required to go to the Line Item TAB and enter the quantity you received

  25. Question I am an active LPO. I see a strange TAB called LLA. What do I do now?

  26. Answer Long Line of Accounting (LLA) Tab – Navy DFAS Offices Step 1: Fill out first row and any other relevant fields. Step 1 Step 2: Click on “Populate All” hyper link. Your information will be populated for each Item Number below. Step 2

  27. Answer (continued) Long Line of Accounting (LLA) Tab – Navy DFAS Offices Step 3 Step 3: Select the ACRN Level for LLA Level. Step 4 Step 4: Make sure 1st row fields are filled in. Then, Click on the Pencil icon.

  28. Answer (continued) Long Line of Accounting (LLA) Tab – Navy DFAS Offices Step 7 Step 5 Step 7: You must save at Line Item level as well. Click on Disk icon. Step 6 Step 5: Fill in ACRN and Approved Amount fields. Step 6: Save at ACRN line level. Click on Disk icon.

  29. Answer (continued) Long Line of Accounting (LLA) Tab – Navy DFAS Offices Step 8 Step 8: Repeat steps 4-7 for each Item Number. FYI: This Amount will not change, even after you save.

  30. LLA Tab Instructions Step 1 – “Populate All” Section: Fill out all relevant fields. The Doc/Record Ref Id, Acct Install No, and ACRN fields are mandatory. Step 2 – Click on “Populate All” hyperlink to populate this information into each Item Number section. Step 3 – At the LLA level, select ACRN level. Step 4 – “Item Number” Section: Make sure the Doc/Record Ref Id, Acct Install No, and ACRN fields are completed. Click on Pencil icon. This will expand the section to show the ACRN line, where Approved Amount will be entered. Step 5 – Enter the ACRN and Approved Amount. Step 6 – Click on Disk icon at expanded section to save your input at ACRN level. Step 7 – Click on far right Disk icon to save at Line Item level. Step 8 – Repeat Steps 4-7 for EACH Item Number. Note: The Line Item & ACRN tabs are no longer used to enter information. You must use the LLA tab in order to enter information previously entered on these tabs.

  31. LLA Tab Helpful Hints • Agency Qual. Cd: Agency Qualifier Code • (Department of Defense = DD) • Doc/Record Ref Id: Standard Document Number (must be 13-15 characters) • Block 6 of SF33 or block 4 of SF30 (Ex. N6553807PRT0103) • If multiple DRAMS, enter “DRAM” and next five characters plus four zeros. (Ex. DRAM123450000) • ACRN: Usually appears above each CLIN (Ex. AA) • Acct Install No: DoDAAC of paying office • Code box of block 25 of SF33 (Ex. N68892) If contacted by DFAS requesting more information have them walk you through the process (Pay Specialists may have varying requirements)

  32. Question Who is responsible for approving payments under Cost-Reimbursement, T&M, and Labor-Hour contracts? Who is responsible for approving payments under Firm-Fixed Price contracts?

  33. Answer • Cost-Reimbursement, T&M, and Labor-Hour Contracts: • • Defense Contracting Audit Agency (DCAA) has sole authority to verify and approve interim vouchers • Administrative Contracting Officer has sole authority for approving final vouchers • CORs may not approve payments under these types of contracts • Contract payments should be processed using the WAWF Cost Voucher format • A cost voucher is not routed through the Acceptor (COR) but is available for review by this individual • Firm-Fixed Price Contracts: • CORs have authority to approve payments under this type of contract

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