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Frequently Asked Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions

  2. Frequently Asked Questions Do I lose the control over my process if outsourced to DOCTUS?No, in fact DOCTUS considers itself a strategic extension of your organization. Hence, we deliver the work the way you do. We keep you informed about the every single action being taken and give the mutual access to your Practice Management System and also provide you with the reports which allow you to retain control over your outsourced processes.

  3. Frequently Asked Questions Are you HIPAA compliant? How do I ensure that the Privacy and Integrity of my customer data is protected?Yes, we are HIPAA compliant. Based on client specifications, DOCTUS employees sign a non-disclosure agreement at the beginning of any engagement with that particular client and we also practice additional measures required by clients, if any.DOCTUS has implemented strict policy to ensure confidentiality of customer data. Our security measures, including electronic and physical, ensure that confidential data does not go out of the workplace.

  4. Frequently Asked Questions Does DOCTUS possess the ability to understand my business, deliverables and requirements so that I can outsource effectively?DOCTUS Project Management Group and Domain Competence Team have years of experience in their own area of expertise. This enables us to understand client businesses, deliverables and requirements better.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions How do you continue to service customers when some key staff members leave the organization or go for a long leave?DOCTUS has lucrative HR policies to retain its employees at all positions. As a safety measure we have strong succession plan for the backup of each employee. Extra trained workforce is also available to overcome any such situations. Regular training is a continuous process in DOCTUS through which we keep making our staff subject matter experts although they can handle multiple processes.

  6. Frequently Asked Questions How does your pricing compare with respect to your competition? How do I pay you?DOCTUS go by negotiable industry standards and work for the end-to-end services. However, we also have different packages based on your specialty, type of work, area of work and volume of work. We bill the appropriate percentage of revenues on the last day of every month. There are no annual or Start-up Fees required

  7. Frequently Asked Questions How do I sign a contract or give a work order?It is so simple- All you need to do is complete the format given by us and fax a signed copy back. You can send us the work order as an email attachment or Fax or through FTP setup. We customize this option as per your need size of the practice.

  8. Frequently Asked Questions How will you handle my project?Partial Work order:  In the beginning you transfer a part of your process to evaluate our performance and decide whether you want to outsource your entire project to us. Project Transition: We transfer all the data in order to work from our office. We implement a 'Process Knowledge Transfer Methodology' that assures a seamless transition of your project offshore. This will greatly reduce your outsourcing risks. Project Management: You will have a single point of contact, account manager, who will be responsible for communication and management of every step of the project. Client Relationship: We take regular feedback of the progress of your project and implement it.

  9. Frequently Asked Questions Do you accept outsourcing work on specific part/functions of our medical billing process?You can outsource specific tasks of your medical billing process like only AR or only charge entry or only payment posting or entire project, as per your convenience.

  10. Frequently Asked Questions What information do I need to send to you required to file a claim on my behalf?Generally, we require the following documents to be scanned and sent over to us:. New Patient Information Form. A copy of the patient’s insurance card / WC ID card. A copy of the patient’s written prescription. The patient’s first super bill/treatment form

  11. Frequently Asked Questions Do you file both electronic and paper claims?Depending upon the insurance carrier, we submit claims both in electronic and paper formats.

  12. Frequently Asked Questions How do you handle a case when there is no payment from insurance in spite of sending claims?Our personnel analyze whether the denial is valid or not. If valid, we write off the payment and if invalid, we request the carrier to reprocess the claim. We follow-up on each claim until it has been paid or until a reasonable response has been given by the carrier.

  13. Frequently Asked Questions What qualifications do your employees hold?Our employees are experienced and excellent in domain expertise. Our staffs have leadership development Training programs. Highly competent billing specialists and certified coders from AAPC.

  14. Frequently Asked Questions We setup your account within 48 hours of time. All you need to do is fill up the Provider Information Sheet and send us back. Rest of the things will be done by us.Provider Information Sheet contains a few fields where provider has to provide his information in order for us to submit the claim on his behalf. For example we would need Tax id#, Provider Id#, PTAN #, Individual Provider Id# , UPin, Provider practice address, phone # etc.

  15. Frequently Asked Questions Clearing Houses For Electronic Clearance • Demo Entries • Charge entries • Medical Coding • EOB’s • Payment Postings • Denials • Claims Submission • A/R Analysis • Follow up’s • Insurance Calling • Patients Statement • Patient Calling • Customer Care Insurance Company Releasing payments Hospital /Doc’s office generates Super bills Claims

  16. Frequently Asked Questions For further information, please contact- Phone : 1-408-625-7222Fax : 1-406-625-7006 E-mail: