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Frequently Asked Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions A collection of FAQ’s and best practices to follow in TREDS

  2. Password Expiration Question: How often does my password expire? How will I know it is expiring? Answer: Your TREDS password will expire every 90 days. You will receive a notification email titled ‘Critical Information about your TREDS Account’ from TREDS.SavesLives@DMV.Virginia.Gov with instructions on how to change your password.

  3. Reset Password/Unlock Account Question: How do I reset my password if it has expired or if my account is locked? Answer: Go to the TREDS Website and click on Reset Password/Unlock Account. Follow instructions to reset your password.

  4. Crash Report Status Question: How do I know if a report has been sent to the DMV? Answer: Reports in the following crash statuses have not been sent to the DMV: • PO Under Correction • PO Supervisor Review • PO Final Review (2nd Level Approval) Reports in the following crash statuses have been sent to the DMV: • PO Approved • DMV Review • DMV On Hold • DMV Manager Review • DMV Approved • DMV Completed

  5. Crash Aging Report Question: How can I determine if there are reports submitted by my department that have not been approved/sent to the DMV? Answer: The Crash Aging Report can be found in TREDS; View Reports (or Reports tab) in Law Enforcement folder.

  6. Common ReportBeam Login Errors ReportBeam Login Failure Messages • Invalid Username • Invalid Password • Locked Account

  7. Common ReportBeam Submission Errors Incorrect Supervisor Email Address entered in ReportBeam When the Supervisor email address entered in ReportBeam does not exist in TREDS, the message ‘Unknown Reviewing Officer’ will be displayed when clicking on the ‘Details’ tab.

  8. No Login Box or Send Button not Highlighted in ReportBeam • If you do not get a login box when you open ReportBeam, do not send the reports as they will not be submitted to the DMV. Please verify the following: • ReportBeam Version ( or higher) • Latest Package (471 or higher) • License key (622P2-B222B-Tz5H4-386ZY) • ** If still not resolved contact TREDS Support