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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions by nursing students

  2. I am interested in nursing, but how do I get started? • Contact MSTC at 422-5500 and ask to have a nursing admission procedure mailed to you OR call 422-5454 and make an appointment with the admission counselor. • Go to the MSTC web page and click on “admissions”

  3. How do I get on the Waiting List for Nursing? • Once you complete all of the admissions requirements for the program, your name will be placed on the Waiting List. • You will be notified each semester of your position on the waiting list • You will be invited to an advising and registration session every semester to help you choose classes for the next semester. • Call and inform us as you complete these requirements.

  4. What are the admission requirements for nursing • Application and fee • Required scores on the admission test • Completion of a chemistry class • Completion of CNA or equivalent • High School and College transcripts • Caregiver Background Check

  5. What are the nursing program costs? • Tuition and fees – $5800. • Textbooks - $1300. • Malpractice Insurance -$30. • Testing fees - $300. • Uniforms/supplies - $200. • Physical and Lab tests- $175. • Graduation Fees - $30. • Licensure – $250. • Total estimated costs - $8085

  6. Does MSTC have a nursing waiting list? • Yes there is a waiting list at MSTC. Most nursing programs currently do have a waiting list. The ADN Waiting list is longer than the PN waiting list • Use the waiting list to your advantage by taking other required classes like A&P, Microbiology and Communications prior to enrolling in a nursing course.

  7. What should I do while I am on the waiting list? • Begin taking Gen. Ed. Classes as soon as possible • Come to the Waiting List registration activity if you can. Faculty will meet with you and help you get the classes you need. • Pay attention to what you are learning in the Gen. Ed classes – it will prepare you well for nursing.

  8. What does advanced standing mean? • Advanced Standing is the process of getting credit for things you have done already. Then you would not need to repeat these same things at MSTC. • For example you can get advanced Standing by transferring credits from another college or testing out of a course. • If you think you might be able to get advanced standing for a course, submit the transcript to Sarah Dunham – the nursing admission counselor.

  9. If I already work in health care, can I get into the nursing program faster? • No, not by working in health care, but there are options for students who have completed health programs. • If a student is an LPN, or has completed an Associate Degree or higher in health with a clinical component, there is an advanced degree waiting list which is usually a bit shorter than the General ADN waiting list. We accept 2 additional advanced degree students per semester. • Students who have completed a 1 year technical diploma or higher in health, with a clinical component will qualify for 3 credits of electives as advanced standing. Please contact Sarah Dunham to make this happen.

  10. Did MSTC get a grant from Ministry Health Care?Does that mean that I can get in sooner? • Yes, MSTC was fortunate to receive the grant for $150,000 from Ministry Health Care for the second year. The partnership between Ministry Health Care and MSTC is a valuable asset to our communities. • MSTC has also received grants from other sources. This grant assistance allows MSTC to continue to take in 88 nursing students per year. We have no plans to expand any further at this time. Our goal is to work hard to maintain this level of training.

  11. What is happening with the technical college state curriculum? • The Wisconsin Technical College System has worked hard to align all of the nursing courses throughout the state system. This means all of the nursing courses and General Education courses will be the same in all of the state technical colleges. This will improve transfer among districts. • The state curriculum will be started in August 2004. We are busy putting the finishing touches on these courses • Student who complete the first year of the nursing program will be eligible for NLCEX-PN and the students who complete the summer session and the second year of the program will be eligible for NCLEX-RN.

  12. What are the strengths of MSTC’s nursing program? • Small class sizes in Nursing Courses: • Class- 24 students • Lab 8-10 students • Clinical – 8 students • Individualized attention • Early intervention for students having difficulty

  13. What is the difference between an LPN and an RN? PN/LPN • Length of training: 1-1 ½ years • Estimated cost at MSTC: $3650 • Typical Places of Employment: Nursing Homes, Doctor’s offices • Typical Hourly wage: $12-$14. ADN/RN • Length of training: 2-3 years • Estimated cost at MSTC: $8000 • Typical Places of Employment: Hospitals, Nursing homes, clinics, home health agencies • Typical Hourly wage: $18-$20.

  14. Are there more job openings for RNs or LPNs? • Currently in Central Wisconsin there are many more openings for registered nurses. • However, there are opportunities for licensed practical nurses as well.

  15. What opportunities exist in nursing? • In spring 2004 There are still many jobs openings for nurses in central Wisconsin. • You may not get the exact hours and location that you desire to start but there are many choices for MSTC nursing graduates

  16. If I graduate in nursing from MSTC can I transfer my credits to a 4 year university? • Yes, MSTC has an articulation agreement with the University of Wisconsin System as well as private universities in Wisconsin. • Typically these universities will accept 60-64 credits towards a baccalaureate degree that requires about 120 credits

  17. How big is the nursing program at MSTC? • Currently there are more than 150 students enrolled in (543) nursing courses. • There are also about 300 students completing general education courses in preparation for nursing courses.