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Frequently Asked Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions Ms. Karr 7th Grade Language Arts

  2. Frequently Asked Questions • Summer Reading • We will test on The Schwa was Here on Friday • This will be a written test so that students are not required to remember specific information. • For the choice book, students have been given a book assignment to complete at home. Please ask your students for this assignment.

  3. Homework • I seldom give homework. • If a student has homework, it is because they did not complete their work in class. • If a project is due, students may have to finish parts of it at home. • DUE DATES ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! I am very firm about due dates. Please check with your child often.

  4. How do I keep up with assignments? • There are four places to find information about what is going on in this class. • Moodle • My website (look on the Discovery website under faculty) • IIOD • Your child’s folder

  5. How do I teach? • I believe it is important to begin preparing our students for the real world. • We are a project-based learning environment. • While I will be giving paper and pencil tests, I will often assess their ability through group and individual projects. • This allows me to assess critical thinking skills and their ability to work with others.

  6. Make-up Work • Make-up work is found in the red organizer at the front of the room. • It is the student’s responsibility to get make-up work and turn it into the teacher when completed. • I will leave work in the red organizer for one week. This is longer than required by central office.

  7. Behavior Bucks • “Behavior Bucks” is the 7th grade discipline incentive program. • Students receive bucks each nine weeks • Behavior Bucks are taken away for inappropriate behavior and failure to follow the Panther Reminders. • Once behavior bucks have been taken they cannot be earned back.

  8. Behavior Bucks • Each 9 weeks students that have enough money on their buck sheets will attend a block party. • Percentage of bucks needed to attend the block party increases each 9 weeks. • Students that have served ISS, OSS, or Alternative School will automatically be disqualified from attending the block party for that 9 weeks. • Students must have original sheet in order to attend the party.