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Frequently Asked Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions Has this curriculum been piloted? Scientifically-based evidence? Will the K-2 and the 3-5 series be enough to sustain children’s growth and teachers’ instruction across all the grades? Do the units require a foundation? Can I teach them to children who have not had writing workshop before? How much time should I devote to a single unit of study? Which books or materials do I need to purchase to support these units of study?

  2. Management Systems Making Writing Workshop Work

  3. Foundations • Mini-lesson • Connection • Teaching • Active engagement • Link • Writing and Conferring • Share

  4. Management Systems It’s not only novice teachers who struggle Not more difficult when leading a workshop “Manuel is the teacher he is because although he is new to the profession, his methods are not new. This is how it should be!”

  5. Management Systems Activity Full of specific examples regarding instruction Directly applicable to the classroom immediately Objective: experience the level of detail to which Lucy expands your knowledge of each area, thereby gaining additional understanding of the structure of the component you’ve chosen

  6. Management Systems Management throughout the mini-lesson Management at the start of work time Management during work time (extensive) Managing one-to-one conferences Managing the share time (Remember: you will be covering additional chapters specific to each of these areas. Also, there’s a PowerPoint available with expansion info…)

  7. Management Systems Continuums Consider the list of possible topics within the chapter and your comfort level/expertise as you relate to each. Visit the continuums on the walls around the room and place your stickers appropriately. Return to your seat and spend around ten minutes reading your two most “uncomfortable” sections. Keep the objective in mind; you may want to take notes in your journal.

  8. Sharing and Reflection Share your thoughts on the section(s) you read as they relate to your classroom Jot down three questions you still/now have pertaining to the management of the workshop (or anything else!) Put your questions on the parking lot to be addressed this afternoon or tomorrow in small group