adequate n.
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  1. adequate Definition: Enough for a particular purpose; able to meet the needs From the passage: “He was almost always hungry, but a skillful hunter the cat kept him provided with food which, while scarcely ever satisfying, was adequate by his new standard of living. “

  2. aloof Definition: Cold in manner or feeling; keeping apart from things From the passage: “Then the Labrador would sit apart, aloof and watchful, nervous and tense.”

  3. burrow Definition: To dig a hole or tunnel; to take shelter or hide, as if in a tunnel From the passage: “Their favorite sleeping places were hallows under uprooted trees where they were sheltered from the wind, and able to burrow down among the drifted leaves for warmth.”

  4. endurance Definition: Ability to withstand physical or mental hardship From the Passage: “Leaving their resting place at daylight, they would jog steadily along by day, their pace determined mainly by the endurance of the old dog.”

  5. famished Definition: Very hungry; starved From the Passage: “It was only the famished young dog who really suffered..”

  6. forage Definition: To search for something, especially food From the Passage: “He was unable to relax, his constant hunger driving him to forage even when the other two were resting…”

  7. incident Definition: Event or occurrence, especially one likely to cause trouble From the Passage: “…The pattern of the next few days being very much the same, free of incident or excitement.”

  8. outset Definition: Starting point; beginning From the Passage: “…In fact, he was in better condition and looked younger and fitter than at the outset of the journey.”

  9. skitter Definition: To move lightly or quickly along the surface From the Passage: “…When sometimes the cat would skitter away in pretended fear from the growling, wagging white dog, often ending in being chased up a tree.”

  10. stolid Definition: Not easily stirred up or excited; unemotional From the Passage: “He had always had a happy disposition, and most of the time looked perfectly content, trotting along through the vast stillness of the bush with stolid, unalterable good humor.”