life skills employability skills and soft skills n.
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Life Skills, Employability Skills and Soft Skills PowerPoint Presentation
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Life Skills, Employability Skills and Soft Skills

Life Skills, Employability Skills and Soft Skills

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Life Skills, Employability Skills and Soft Skills

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  1. Life Skills, Employability Skills and Soft Skills Jo Kahn, Oklahoma Dept of CareerTech Tina Fitzgerald, Moore Norman Tech Center

  2. Life Skills – Employability Skills – Soft SkillsIs there a difference? • Life skills are a set of human skills acquired via teaching or direct experience that are used to handle problems and questions commonly encountered in daily human life. They are behaviors used appropriately and responsibly in the management of personal affairs. • Employability skills are a set of achievements, understandings and personal attributes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and to be successful in their chosen occupations. • Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance and career prospects. Unlike hard skills soft skills are interpersonal and broadly applicable.

  3. Communication • Planning, Organizing and Time Management • Analyzing and Problem Solving • Initiative • Numerical Interpretation • Personal Impact and Confidence • Self Awareness • Flexibility • Action Planning • Leadership • Networking • Commercial Awareness • Negotiating • Computer Literacy • Decision Making • Creativity • Global Skills

  4. How Do You Get Them? Can we teach them? Are they learned by experience? What do you think? Share with a neighbor

  5. "NooneknowstheemergingworkforcebetterthanEricChester.He'sspot-onwhenitcomes"NooneknowstheemergingworkforcebetterthanEricChester.He'sspot-onwhenitcomes toimprovingworkethic,andheoffersadviceforleadersthatisbothpracticalandsolid." -JosephM.DePinto,PresidentandCEO,7-Eleven A LEADER's GUIDETOENDING ENTITLEMENTANDRESTORING PRIDEINTHE EMERGING WORKFORCE

  6. Employability Skills Soft Skills

  7. Honesty Perseverance Idleness Temperance Infancy OR Happy Old Age College Prison Connection between hard work, character, and business success 100 Years Later… It’s a New GAME! Civil War Tamed the West Two World Wars Great Depression Rock & Roll Vietnam Assassinations: John F. Kennedy Martin Luther King 150 Years Later… • Name Change • Millionaire Acres • “lucky day” and “share the wealth” • New objective Rewards of social virtues, a strong work ethic, and adding value to the community is replaced with rewards, rewards, rewards.

  8. So what can we teach and what resources are available?

  9. Smart Work Ethics has the Answers! STRESSORS STRENGTHS How others see YOU! How you see yourself. Valuing differences and creating unity Communicating with a green VALUES What Color are You?

  10. BLUE (NF) _____ Peacemaker _____ Caretaker _____ Optimistic _____ Always has a kind word _____ Passionate _____ Cause Oriented _____ True Romantic _____ Need to feel special _____ Strong sense of Spirituality _____ Cooperative rather than competitive GOLD (SJ) _____”Be Prepared” _____ Love to plan _____ Duty, Loyalty, Responsible _____ Punctual, Predictable _____ Strong belief in policies, procedures, rules _____ Values family traditions _____ Thinks before acting _____ Conservative and stable _____ ”Should” and “Should Not” _____ Most comfortable with a structured environment GREEN (NT) ORANGE (SP) _____ “Should be able to” _____ Why _____ Intellectual _____ Very complex _____ Standard setter _____ Work is play, play is work _____ Cool, calm, collected _____ Need for independence and private time _____ Perfectionist _____ Approaches interpersonal relationships in a logical manner _____ Energetic _____ Playful _____ “Just do it” _____ Master negotiator _____ Natural entertainer _____ Pushes boundaries _____ Thrives on competition _____ Impulsive and spontaneous _____ Appreciates immediate feedback _____ Most productive in non- structured environments

  11. “Character First” Compassion Generosity Meekness HIRE’s “Character Under Construction”

  12. Character Minutes… Sharpening Lives $150 for CD Tri G LLC  Patricia Hudson1123 North Sixth Avenue, Purcell, OK 73080 e-mail - phone 405-527-7166 Website:

  13. 7:50 8:10 8:00 8:25 The workday starts at 8:00,when do you clock-in?

  14. Activity: You own a manufacturing company. You make WIDGETS. The production line has ten stations and one person is needed at each station. If a station is left unattended then the other stations are held up because each station needs attention at all times. It takes 1 hour to start and finish making 1000 WIDGETS. There is one employee that is often late to work. He also comes back late from breaks and lunch. Because each station needs to have someone in attendance the line is unable to start on time and production is slowed.

  15. 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job “Being good at a job is often not good enough to get you hired if a manager perceives that you could cause problems” • PADMAN PLAN • Presentation • Ability • Dependability • Motivation • Attitude • Network

  16. No One is Unemployable 10 Step Process Identify the barrier Identify the candidate’s perception of the barrier Identify the employer’s perception of the barrier Determine what approach to use Eliminate the employer’s concerns Identify the candidate’s selling points Turn candidates barriers into selling points Put it all together in the Candidate’s words Practice the answer until it’s natural Carefully match the candidate toappropriate employer

  17. Through the Jungle Camilla Riley and Rebecca Conner - authors CIMC


  19. FREE-- Work Ethics and Career Clusters

  20. Activity

  21. Wizard of Work $7.99 – 8.50

  22. New Work Habits $9.35 The Employee Handbook of New Work Habits for a Radically Changing World: 13 Ground Rules for Job Success in the Information Age

  23. Show Me the Money! Show Me the Money!

  24. Questions? Contact Information Jo Kahn 405-743-5404 Tina Fitzgerald tina.fitzgerald@mntc.edu405.364.5763 ext. 7293